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Step Your Way to Thunder Thighs

Step Your Way to Thunder Thighs – 

(Warning! If your knees are bigger than your thighs OR you love your big thighs as they are or want bigger thighs –


But if you want thinner thighs, you want to trim down your thighs… then read on…


This subject matter is just one of many topics my Bro and I discuss on our new show.














One day many years ago, I was working as an ‘Elite Personal Trainer’ (seriously that was my title), at an exclusive high end club, people paid $150-$300 a month for membership, when I noticed a middle-aged woman on a new machine we had.


The machine, I forgot the name of it, mimicked the leg motion of what a speed skater (ice) would do.


I was at the PT desk (right next to this machine), doing some paper work and I noticed the woman breathing heavy and going hard. She was on that machine for about 35 minutes.


I couldn’t help but to keep raising my head looking up at her as she worked out.


As she got off the machine, she walked passed me, then stopped. She turned and asked me, “I noticed that you kept looking up at me. Was I doing that machine/exercise wrong?”


“No. You were doing it right.” I replied. “But, may I ask why you’re on that machine any way?” (I knew why, but I wanted to hear it from her)


“Well”, she said rather matter-of-factly, “As you can see I have a tendency to have big thighs and I’m trying to trim them down. That machine works the thighs doesn’t it, ’cause that’s where I felt it!”


“Yes that machine definitely works the thighs. It mimics the motions of a speed skater on the ice. But I just have a couple questions for you. 1) Have you seen the Winter Olympics, with speed skater Bonnie Blair, who won a medal?”


“Yes. I love the Olympics!”, she said.


“And 2) Did you noticed how big her thighs were and are today?”


Her mouth fell open…


It was then she realized that she not only was eating more, therefore taking in too many calories, she was essentially making her big thighs bigger in the process. She realized now, why her clothes were getting tighter not looser. Her trainer told her not to worry about the scale since she was putting on muscle.  Well, her trainer was right about that!


You can see where I’m going with this…


I have been saying for years, if you are someone who has a tendency to build big thighs and ass, and you want to LOSE some weight or TRIM DOWN those thighs, my question to you is,

“Why are you doing repeated thigh bulking, step aerobics, spinning, plyometrics, squat jumps onto boxes (maybe cross fit) and repeated lunges and squatting (deep) and pulsing?… All in the same week?”


Yes, spot reducing is a fallacy… but spot building is possible! I see women, who desperately want to trim down their thighs, do WAY too much hip and knee flexion/extension for what they want their body to look like. (And don’t get me started when I see these women using the “adductor machine” with weights.)


If you told the trainer that you want to trim down your thighs and this trainer takes you to this adductor machine, especially in your “complimentary” training session, never hire them. Send me an email, I’ll tell you what to do instead.


Don’t get me wrong squatting and doing lunges are very functional moves. And doing some of this is good. But not 6 days a week and not always past a 90 degree angle in your knees when you have a tendency to build big thighs but you want a trimmer thigh look.


So if you want to trim your thighs – stop doing so much step aerobics and spinning classes. Instead of 6 times a week, do each one time a week. Remember the other body pump class and/or butt and gut class you take too. Except for a class or two per week, you should not exercise in the gym, more than 35 minutes each time you’re there. Do some full-body, resistance training-circuit training and walk the treadmill for relaxation and some calorie burn and accept that’s what it’s for, for you. Keep in mind, stress (cortisol surges) you create worrying about working out and working out too hard, work against you too.


And MOST important in this weight gain/weight loss rollercoaster, you absolutely must know your “magic caloric number”. Don’t be fooled into thinking that calories don’t matter.  


I ask you these questions:


What do you want to accomplish?

Do you want to fit into certain pants?

Do you want to get fit?

Do you want to get smaller?

Do you want to lose weight?

Do you want to train for a competitive event (even if the competition is your personal best)?


Did you know?

  • You don’t have to exercise to lose weight.
  • If you are 45-55 y.o. and female, this is a very challenging time to lose weight. But it’s not impossible.
  • Also, you MUST individualize your eating and exercise rituals.
  • Being on certain medications fight your efforts to lose weight.
  • Men who lose inches in their belly, gain inches some where else.
  • Previous injury limits your success (subconsciously) too.
  • Mondays are heart attack day.
  • Muscles are cabinet space for your food.
  • Losing large amounts of weight is commendable BUT – At a certain point of calorie restriction, your body fights your weight loss (hunger hormone & hormones rule) and wants to get back to the weight you started at (set-point theory) and then some. (what to do to avoid this) 
  • Certain exercise makes you hungrier
  • Some people do well with support; some do not (which are you?)
  • Weight maintenance is really “weight cycling” (gaining 10, losing 8; gaining 20, losing 22…) and CCRAN specializes in stopping this.
  • 30lbs. is a lot of weight. Just enough to work hard at and get visible and feel good results; but not so much that your body starts cascading back to obesity* like those Biggest Loser contestants.

These are the types of topics we will discuss on our call-in show. I hope you will CALL-IN and listen, laugh and learn something to help your 30lb. or less weight loss and help you to “zip your pants” again!

*If you have more than 30lbs. you want to lose, please consider all the other qualified people out there who can help you. There are many!