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3 Fat Pugs and Hot Dogs

Hot dogs and FAT Pugs.

Does your fat pug like hot dogs? Or do they eat hot dogs because you do?

Let me first tell you that a hot dog is a FAT. Not the healthiest fat, but we love them!

There are still some people out there who think that hot dogs are a protein.

Let me ask you this:

If you were going to a desert island for an extended amount of time with water. What food would you pack if you could only choose one food and survive:

~Hot dogs
~Bean sprouts

Answer:  Hot dogs
Why? Because you NEED fat to survive in that situation above. All of the other foods wouldn’t sustain you.

I think hot dogs get a bad rap.

Our pugs love hot dogs once or twice a month…

for survival, of course.

Also one of our rule breakers is that you (the owner of a fat pug) must wait 3 hours after rising to eat something. A small protein (hard boiled egg) or fat snack (half a hot dog, no bun) is acceptable at one and a half hours, if you must eat something.

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