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Number 1 CCRAN Principle (3 fat pugs) Be a Rule Breaker!

I’m a rule breaker.

Are you?

One of the first principles of CCRAN is to be a Rule Breaker.

Just because some one says to do something, some one who doesn’t think like you or knows what you know, would you automatically, without question, listen and follow their advice? Is the advice accepted and followed by a majority?

Do you sometimes push the envelope? Like our fat pugs do?
They will do anything to plop and relax. They eat liver and only “sprint” for short distances. Everyone else, the dog experts, tells their owners (us-of the fat pugs) the “rules of lean dogs” and also remind us about the “no dogs signs”.

Some “rules” that we (owners of fat pugs and the fat pugs themselves) break:

  • The last rib on a dog should be showing – my response, “Is your last rib showing?”
  • During the summer season, your dogs have to “plop” on this side of the signs – my response, “Pugs can’t see so good.”
  • Don’t feed your dog from the table – my response, “Of course not. My pug sits at the table, in a chair, alright?”

We find that people who tend to “break some rules” in society, also don’t follow the rules of the standard advice on diet and exercise. And you’re just more fun to be around. Sound like you?


Pugs are rule breakers:

















And more evidence of rule breaking:




This video (below) is a relaxing day in September, no signs no rule breaking. See how easy it is to NOT break the rules!!! Don’t have the signs:



Here’s a delightful time…

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