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Pug sees the world thru rose colored glasses

Do you see the world through “rose-colored” glasses?

pug rose colored glasses








Pugs have the life. Well, my pug, Pang Pang, does anyway. His life is rosey colored. Everything is great. When things aren’t that great, he sees them better than they really are. He’s optimistic and sometimes delusional in his happiness. Little things make him happy. Like me coming home. Me taking him to the dog beach. Me rubbing his belly. Me inviting him to be in my lap… for hours. Me feeding him liver with his dog food and vanilla ice cream for late yummy snack. Me taking him for a ride to visit other pugs and dogs or visiting folks in the nursing home. He’s got 5 beds and the room he is in is always temperature controlled because of his breathing problems.

Pang Pang LOVES everybody.

Yet, Pang Pang, which means “fat” in Chinese has done something incredible, He’s lost almost 5 lbs. (Which is a lot of weight for a “small” dog.) Even when it got challenging, he kept the “rosey-colored” outlook. He was never nasty, but I’ll admit, sometimes he cried for food that he smelled.

You know when you don’t stuff your face all the time, the aromas of all kinds food is amazing. You can smell every spice.


How did PangPang, a little butterball, lose the weight? He only ate when he was truly hungry. We both followed the same “no eating” philosophy. We called our plan, “Hunger Pang Pang”. We don’t eat until we get hunger pangs. We also went for walks, down on the boardwalk when we were both on empty stomachs.

Hunger PangPang diet, lose up to 30 lbs., fat pugs


What about you? Do you see life through a soft-colored filter or do you see it clearly and rather harshly?


I used to say to my day dreaming students, “Oh you see the world through ‘rose-colored glasses'”.

Now, I not only still say that… I say it with a purpose and promote the saying.

Why the change?

Well, I’ve gotten older… that’s all.

I reminisce and fantasize on the regular. Every thing seems easier to tolerate when you put on the rose-colored glasses and act like a happy pug, even weight loss.