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Minky, The Humor Coach

Hi, I’m Minky. I guide NEW Instructors (ALL types) to increase their likability, listening and popularity with their adult learners though 6 Fun Story Short Ice Breakers and Memorable 1st Impressions.  Because many NEW Instructors have got the subject matter and the teaching down, but are slightly nervous and don’t want to be robotic in their delivery.

Any kind of Instructor will do. You can be from a Sports Instructor to a ESL Instructor to a Human Resources Instructor, if you need an “Original, Ready On Request” ice breaker (from your own authentic story) and want to increase your likability & cooperation from your group early on… Then I want to talk to you. You’re the type of person I know I can help.

I’m a Humor Coach. (Your complimentary gift is below)

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This is me… and things I used to do… 

Professional Misfit, fired, resign, fun story short,












I have been many things in my life.

But my “Common Denominator in ALL of it… is Humor. It’s like a drug for me. I’ve GOT to have it. I found humor in all those “professions” (old and new), some with “discretions” that are above.


Humor, even in my own mind, helped me cope. But let’s face it, it’s much better shared.

SHARED HUMOR… ain’t nothing better!

I know that I can help other folks who speak to people often in their work, (maybe you?) to create a more likable and favorable encounter. One that’s memorable because you made someone smile, laugh , feel good. Even for a moment.

I developed a way to do this without fear of offense and/or sounding ridiculous.

Please try to find the pleasure of each blog posts, (beginning 6/2018) & the “Fun in Thy Self” and enjoy them.




Minky, is a term of endearment. “You’re such a HOT LITTLE MINKY”, I was told by my significant other… early on and ever since, in now a 15-year relationship. 

Minky, PangPang, at AP Beach, Nobodys Listening Show









Minky(me) lives at the Jersey Shore & knows humor. Yes, I did stand-up comedy, (I also was a competitive bodybuilder). But I always was and am a comedian in all areas of my life. Humor is my drug and laughter is the side effect. It’s my common denominator in everything I do. 

And PangPang (rule-breaking fat pug) …

Rule-breaking fat pug






I know, for me, that the #1 & #2 rules in becoming more likable through humor, is to be self-deprecating {somewhat} AND to break a rule or two. A “rule breaker” is often admired by the “sheeple” who are yearning for change and escape. But they (rule breakers) can also be unemployed. I did it (broke the rules) with permission of my peers and created magnetism. (Everyone wanted to sit next to me, ’cause they new I was going to be fun. Until I wasn’t fun. I was written up.)

Even though, I have a formal education and training (degrees, licenses & certifications) and over 30 years of experience in educating & communicating with adults, providing care to seniors, performing live presentations, fitness training and weight loss consulting and dropping the “f-bomb” occasionally (yet never loud enough while teaching)… this is what I live for… compliments like this…


I just got the best compliment ever from my last class of adult learners, “Ms. Lori you’re so funny! I learned more from you in these past 3 weeks; than the whole semester with _______”.

What can I say, when folks laugh; they listen.


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