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3 Fat Pugs’ Diet Plans (Recording)

Since my fav Cuzin Sherri has filled in for my “Bro” (who bailed on me because he met a woman!), it’s been a wild, yet fun ride. We call our show a S.U.M. (Sloppy, Unfocused Mess) Production and we changed the name from “The Sis and Bro 30 Lb. Weight Loss Show” to the “3 Fat Pugs 30 Lb. Weight Loss Show Conversation”.

Below is our 3rd recording of the new show. We’re getting better, believe it or not!

There’s more on every Monday evening at 8:30pm EST!
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3 Fat Pugs Practice Audios

Below is our latest episode of 3 Fat Pug’s 30 Lb. Weight Loss Show Conversation. I thinks it’s better than the first one. All last minute fill ins and shifts:

Below is our first practice episode of  3 Fat Pugs:

It’s a S.U.M. (Sloppy, Unfocused Mess) Production.


Salt, Sugar, Fat Addiction? Really?

For years I couldn’t wrap my mind around people saying that they were or are addicted to food.

How can you be addicted to something that your body needs to survive.

It’s like saying if you hyperventilate a lot; stop breathing oxygen.

Then I looked at how I was able to lose a lot of weight in a short amount of time.

I ate salt, I absolutely will cook with salt, especially vegetables.

I ate sugar. I baked a cake. I had some red licorice.

I definitely ate fat. I used to be a member of Weston A. Price and delivered raw milk to people. Need I say more. At times I had up to a 50% fat diet. But weight a minute Minky – pull out that diary for those 30 days last summer and in recent months…

You know what, I didn’t have as much fat.  I didn’t have as much “junk” (shelf foods) either.

But I still had salt, sugar and fat the “hardwired trifecta” for the pleasure centers of your brain. Could it be that I had these foodstuffs in their, for lack of better words, more pure form?

Could it be the chemicals in the boxed shelf products? I think so… Check out this video. The food companies spend millions to get the salt, sugar, fat trifecta just right! Like crack, if you hit the pipe once and then empty out your bank account, you’re a crack addict and can never smoke it. What food(s) is your crack? :
Since salt, sugar and fat is in most foods, now I see why people call it a “food addiction”. But you still have to identify what makes you eat more.

Here’s a list to start with (I’m sure you know many more):

  • Bags and boxes of salty snacks (like cheese doodles, barbecue potato chips, Doritos. What may help is having triscuit crackers with something on them. I usually have sardines and small pieces of jalepeno cheese to satify my salt craving from time to time.
  • Bags and boxes of cookies and Tandy cakes (like double-stuff oreos, Butterscotch Krimpets, chocolate chip) I have almond cookies or cookies with nuts in them. No more than 2. This satisfies my sweet craving. Rarely, I will have 2-3 pieces of Australian red/black licorice. The black licorice make you poop. Just a FYI warning.

I have been doing C.R.A.N. for almost 6 months now, and I use exercise as a tool to help me stay within my “magic number”, so it is not as difficult for me to stop eating “crap”. I get full very quickly and will not stuff myself.

Nonetheless, I have a new appreciation for those of you who say you have a “Food Addiction”. I believe you now.

I still feel one of the best ways to not eat your “food crack” is to stay away from it. It’s time to try Living the CRAN Lifestyle… become a CRANNY! 🙂

Lose 30 lbs in 30 Days & Thick to Thinner Thighs











Lose 30 Lbs in 30 Days?

Yeah right?! I know.

Snake oil.

I agree it is snake oil for most people.

But for some people like me, when all the moons lined up perfectly, I did lose 27 lbs. in 30 days. (30 lbs. in 30 days sounds better, don’t you think?)


I’m just an aging Boomer hack who’s sporting a 2-pack and credits nursing home food.


My “irrational want” is to NOT have my thighs rub together. Today my thighs don’t rub together. What’s your “irrational want”? (Something about your body’s appearance/shape you think could never happen but is what you really want.)

I give you some tips on this audio if you want your thick thighs to be thinner.

Also please consider joining The CCRAN Club.


I mention some unhealthy and healthy hacks during my Laughter Diet performance below:

I did it.  Want to know how? Listen in above.






I Luv Lunks


I luv lunks.






I love looking at their bodies.

I love their muscles.

I love watching how they train.

I always have since I can remember and I always will.

I love to hear the “bro-science”.

But what I don’t love is the big muscles on me.

Well, not anymore. Not my legs, my thighs, anymore.

After years of gymnastics, sprinting (hurdling), competitive bodybuilding, I know what it’s like to “naturally” have the propensity to build muscular, big thighs.

When you are muscular and have a low body fat and are in your 20’s or you just have a low body fat regardless of what your age is, your muscles look good in the glistening sun. I like that look. I like to look at that look.

But that look is not for me anymore.

My days of squatting, lunging, plyo-anything and anything with “Russian” attached to it are over.


And my joints thank me.


Are there any other “mesomorph types” who put on muscle easy, who can bulk up easy, who were former gymnasts, sprinters, bodybuilders (serious), who want to rid themselves of the massiveness of their thighs and not be so muscle-bound and “thick” today?

Because today, you aren’t maintaining the unsustainable very low body fat levels like when you were younger and you’re not training 20 hours or more a week, your legs are starting you look like tree trunks.


Don’t you want to try skinny jeans? Be honest.


Remember what you did to get those tight, muscular thighs? Remember after doing such an intense leg workout, your legs would feel like they didn’t belong to you?

You wondered if you could even drive home, because your legs were so fatigued. Your thighs felt like jelly, yet they also felt like they weighed 1,000 lbs. each to move them.

Then you looked up, as you exit the gym and see these…


Thank Goodness! A movable escalator!

Oh wait. It’s broke. The escalator going up is broken.

So, you have to climb them manually…














You could just lie down right there at the bottom of the broken escalator and spend the night 🙂

I used to love that feeling; but not any more…

I don’t want big thighs, I call “thunder thighs” any more.

I want to feel/look good in my clothes.

Don’t you?

I don’t want my thighs to rub together.

I am a spectator of muscle-boundness now.

Not a participant any more.

I like to watch the lunks.

And did I mention I like to hear them grunt.

I’ve taken my seat at the spectator table when I’m working my upper body.


If you want big thighs. Good. I’m happy for you. May I look at your legs?



If you’re thinking like me and you don’t want that growing thigh look any more – consider joining me and my own little world of trimness and losing 30Lbs.



In my little world, I help those like me who want to

make their thick thighs thinner and not rub together.


In this thinner thigh world of mine, (we all have 30 lbs to lose… no more than that please) and we care more about how we look in clothes, than naked.

Yes looking good naked is great, but here’s my (our) philosophy on that:


Let’s face it, unless you’re working a pole, the people or person you want to attract to you, sees you with clothes on first. And has to like what they see with you in your clothes.

And thunder thighs, without the low body fat and Olympic-style training, in my opinion, don’t look that great in clothes.

You’re always pulling down your shorts from in-between your legs and from riding up your crotch when you walk.

I hate that.



If you opt in to the upper right, you can get my bonus complimentary chapter, “Fix the FUPWA”. This is not for softees.

In it, is a section on “Lose 30 Lbs. in 30 Days. I Did It. Want to Know How?”, I mention some techniques to avoid building your already big thighs.

Also if you click on The Laughter Diet above you can see more of my philosophy and outline of the “diet”.


Now if you want big thighs, don’t opt in. Read another cross-fit blog and enjoy your legs.


Meanwhile, I’m off to my gym, that I love. Not your ordinary gym.


I pay a decent amount of money for the men (only men trainers there) to push me hard during my workouts, but not my legs. I REFUSE to do certain exercises. Not only do I have arthritis, osteo-arthritis from abusing my body when I was a younger athlete and now later in life, rheumatoid arthritis is showing it’s ugly head.

Also, I know the look I want. I sacrificed things to trim my once very muscular thighs. And I’m not going to build them up again, while in pain.

You have to decide what you want your body to look like and then decide if you are committed and willing to do what it takes to get that look.

Don’t be pressured to do what’s popular. For example – I know Cross fit is popular right now. But I don’t want a cross-fit body.

Do you?

These guys who put me through a good workout at the gym, want to stay in business and keep their customers happy. We get along great. We understand and respect each other.


So for back to my thighs, I do special exercises – called the “No thunder thigh” exercises.

The lunks at my gym are nice to look at and also nice to work with. I don’t tell any of them my fitness background and training. I like to hear their advice and their sometimes wacky ways of getting in shape.


(Oh, I grew up around a lot of men. So, I’m not sensitive to their yelling, sweating, sometimes crudeness and hearing deficits. That’s why I think I had a problem when I worked with women in nursing. No seriously. Too much estrogen. Nurses are great with patients; not so much with each other.)



So, there are some lunks at my gym.

They are serious when it comes to working out. They are funny and nice and approachable when the work out is over.


And I’ll be watching them.


Lunk on!

P.S. This is why I don’t go to the purple planet place. ‘Cause Lunks aren’t allowed.


I’ve fallen and I CAN get up



I’ve fallen and I CAN get up! 


PangPang always “freezes” after he falls. Then he does get up!













How many times have you feared falling down?

Maybe never if your 3 or 4 years old or a dog,

’cause you don’t have far to go to the ground.


He just wants someone to rub his belly… Then he gets up.













But if you are upright and over a certain age, you fear falling more often. Like when it snows, when it’s icy or there’s no hand rail. Or wearing pumps / dress shoes on a shiny linoleum floor.

The humorous audio below discusses the “bogus of balance” that everyone (most everyone) believes in, how my father falls and always gets up (he says, “I just go with it and NOT try to stop myself”) and your STW (Short Term Win) exercise to improve your navel to knuckle (N2K) area  this week. Remember to do all your exercises with your insertion and don’t forget the bedroom and bathroom exercises too. (I call your “homework” exercises.)

As always, please see a physician or other qualified health professional prior to doing this or any diet or exercise program.

If you laugh, let’s hope it’s without leaks. Enjoy!…

#3 “I’ve Fallen and I CAN Get Up!”:

Nurses interested in Fitness and Diet don’t fall for this

O.K., I’m back in New Jersey.

Here’s a piece for nurses interested in making money and an impact in the fitness & diet space.

Speak to Sell LIVE in Tampa (10/15-10/17/2015) was great! And I have new pics with me and the great Lisa Sasevich (The Queen Of Sales Conversion and Creator of the Invisible Close)


O.K. here’s an updated pic here (in case you don’t want to look back at the last post):











This wasn’t my first rodeo with Lisa and I can’t believe how much more I learned. I’m actually going to deliver an “irresistible” offer in my comedy act! And make Lisa proud! How about THAT?!



As I was introducing my brother to Twitter, I was on SM more than usual and I noticed not one but 3 quotes from “experienced nurses” in business for themselves (mostly within nursing, services all for contact hours, not for me- some are doing well, some aren’t), about how nurses can do ANYTHING. (Just because they are a nurse).


One nurse said, “Nurses are great at learning new things, just point us in the right direction and we’ll figure it out“. That’s one of the major problems for nurses new to business or in business. Nurses feel like they don’t need to invest or learn anything outside of nursing and want to compare it to nursing duties, and they’ll just “figure out” the rest. A disservice to me.


Another nurse (who I really admire) but wrote, “We’re even good salespeople. Every time you have to convince a patient to adhere or follow up on some tests, you’re selling!”


Really.  That’s the same thing?!


When a patient is in the hospital in pain, scared, upset, embarrassed, feeling alone and at the mercy of the hospital staff, how much effort would it take to get a patient to adhere in your presence. Even if it took skill on the part of the nurse, the patient is at a disadvantage always, and will likely never say “no”.



NOT, NOT, NOT the same at all as asking for someone to turn over their hard earned cash in a conversation or from the stage for your service or product.



[That’s why nurses interested in fitness & diet should focus on building lists with education-based and authority-based marketing.  NOT SO MUCH SOCIAL MEDIA, some, but do not put your all your business eggs in the SM basket because it’s easy. Look at what other fitness and diet gurus are doing NOT other nurses. One thing I see that works against nurses in business (outside of nursing) is that they want to help everyone.  Because in nursing, even when in a specialty unit, you don’t get to pick your patients and you help everyone who’s given to you.  This is just the opposite in your fitness & diet business.]



Nursing (the industry) is so against selling; that you’ll never sell from the stage at a nursing event. It’s not allowed. Now I realize that you can get other things like names and contact info that’s just as, if not more valuable; most nurses don’t or won’t do this.  They walk away from the talk with a lot of praise and thank-you’s and $500-$1,000 for speaking.  Minus expenses.



A no thank you for me any more.



I’m all for a rah, rah session and positive talk, but let’s get real… unless you’ve done sales (with plenty of rejection), cold calls (some), generate leads, have a script and can sell one-on-one and from the stage/ teleseminar/webinar in your past life, (you don’t learn this in nursing school), then you’re not making any money in your “business”.


Now you may be the exception.


I believe personalities are what they are regardless of your “work”. If I was cleaning hotel rooms, I would still be trying to sell things to people on the fly or at an event or on the phone.  I just happen to be a nurse (not typical though).



I’ve just seen it too many times when it comes to sales and selling.  Nurses fall flat on their faces. This is where I draw the line.

When I work with a nurse who is sure they want to get into the fitness and diet space; I ask you about your sales experience and won’t count the times you got someone to “do something” in the hospital. Nursing experiences are varied, but let’s talk about your life experiences too. Outside of nursing.



I won’t bullshit you.  Fitness professionals will eat you alive. And they don’t care that you are a nurse.  Your potential clients in this space want results, not resumes, not long-term anything and definitely NOT prevention.



Nurses, admit that you need sales training.

Like the training I get with Lisa Sasevich. She teaches you how to sell without being salesy, pushy or mushy. I invested time, money and effort to learn from the master. (she made 25 million last year).

[That’s why when someone of her caliber, laughed out loud at my new idea and my new company, LMAO Consulting… you run with it!!!]

Her previous jobs before her business boomed – she was a pharmaceutical sales rep (how many of you cringed when you had to deal with them), she also worked in sales for Hewlett-Packard and for a seminar company. But look where it got her today.  She’s a master of it.  Smooth as silk.  It takes practice.  You’ll only get great at sales by selling. Period.


Follow sales experts on Twitter like Jeffrey Gitomer and Wendy Weiss and others. Stop worrying about the initials and more and more education that you may not need if you want to make money, and make a difference outside of nursing.  The initials don’t guarantee anything… sales practice and sales conversions do.



Here’s a quote from Napoleon Hill:

“General knowledge, no matter how great in quantity or variety it may be, is of but little use in the accumulation of money.”



If you want to keep going to school and keep getting a variety of certifications, great.   I’m not talking to you.


If you say you’re not in it for the money you just want to help people, great.  I’m not talking to you.


If you want to leave nursing and replace and grow your income to work in the fitness and diet space and make an impact there (which requires money)… GREAT – I’M TALKING TO YOU.


If you want to talk with me about finding your target market in fitness & diet, generating leads and sales conversations, or just where to start; you can do so at your 15-minute discovery session here:





Oh, in case you missed it, here’s my fitness model brother (50ish) posing and showing off before our photo shoot:



This is a gymnastics move. Called a planche. My brother was a gymnast when he was a kid. This is very difficult. He makes it look easy. The exercises in our book WILL NOT include these “show off” moves.












Another gymnastics move. The "L seat". My bro still has it!

Another gymnastics move. The “L seat”. My bro still has it!













Sign up above right, for Minky’s List to get updates on our “No Dicky-Do Diet” book!


How to Deal with Haters by Tim Ferriss

I was cleaning out my home office and I found this “article” from the great Tim Ferriss.  The reason I put article in quotations is because it’s a photocopy of something he wrote or someone wrote about him, but no reference to being published anywhere.

Anyway, I just love it and decided to copy it here for you:



Tim Ferriss:  7 Great Principles for Dealing with Haters

  1. It doesn’t matter how many people don’t get it. What matters is how many people do.
  2. 10% of people will find a way to take anything personally. Expect it.
  3. “Trying to please everyone is a sign of mediocrity.” (Colin Powell)
  4. If you are really effective at what you do, 95% of the things said about you will be negative.” (Scott Boras)
  5. “If you want to improve, be content to be thought foolish and stupid.” (Epictetus)
  6. “Living well is the best revenge.” (George Herbert)
  7. Keep calm and carry on. (Slogan produced by the British government during WWII, to comfort people in the face of Nazi invasion.
    Tim Ferris takes this message and applies it to today’s world, “Focus on impact, not approval. If you believe you can change the world, which I hope you do, do what you believe is right and expect resistance and expect attackers,” Ferriss concludes with, “Keep calm and carry on!”

Don’t Start a Business, Solve a Problem Instead

“Don’t start a business, solve a problem”, I first heard this from Robert Herjavec, from Shark Tank fame.

I’ve also read it like this, “Don’t start a business, fulfill a need”, not sure where I read it.  Same concept.


Now that I’ve decided to do some side hustle work with former nurses or nurses who have made a decision to become former nurses and who want to make money in the fitness & diet space, it pains me to read the very clinical or abstract titles nurses (who want to start a business) give themselves.


This is what happens when you say, “I want to start a business” and pick a “title” that suits your training instead of your result or what you will do.

It’s understandable.


Here are some examples of abstract titles:

“Nurse Consultant”

“Health Care Consultant”

“Wellness Nurse”

“Wellness Consultant”

“Marketing Consultant”

“Credentialed Health Coach”


What would help here is if you finished up the title with a “for __________” statement. Stating the target audience and the problem that they have.
(which could equal your niche)

For example, “I’m a Marketing Consultant for private home care agencies with dismal sales”.  Get it?


It’s not about you; it’s about the benefit you provide every time you tell someone what you do. Don’t let them “fill in the blank” for you.

Also, keep in mind that getting more degrees and certification is great; but not required or necessary to make money.

I understand if what you do requires skill and training, but we’re talking about making money.  So you may have to put that on the back burner and decide if anybody wants what you propose to do, FIRST.


That’s why I say, like Adam Urbanski, the Millionaire Marketing Mentor, develop a product or service that fulfills a need or solves a problem first. Then market and sell it like crazy to a tight niche, MAKE A PROFIT FIRST.


Then build a business.


Doing it the other way around, serves only you and “your passion”… and your probably not making the money you could because of all the other marketing faux pas that you do. (Oh, I believe you need passion; but you need to learn how to sell more)


3 Easily Fixable Marketing Faux Pas:

  1. Jumping from one shiny object (tactic) to another because others around you are doing it. When you do this BEFORE building an specific audience with a specific outcome and some market research, ask yourself, “How can ‘my people’ find me?” BTW, market research doesn’t have to be formal.
  2. Relying totally on social media (and free stuff) and the internet (like writing blogs) when you don’t have a responsive list (not FB likes or Twitter followers) to communicate with. No one will pay you hundreds/thousands of dollars for your services directly from FB and Twitter when you’re first starting out. You MUST at least get them off of SM and have sales conversations with people! (The quickest way to cash when you’re just starting out is one-on-one sales conversations.) Get busy learning that, instead of wasting time & energy on content for your podcast that nobody listens to.  O.K. I’ll be nicer; nobody who will buy listens to.
  3. No Point of View (P.O.V.) in the “space” that you choose to market and sell your product & services. When you choose not to speak your truth, walk your walk for fear of possibly “offending” someone or “not making any waves” ever, you are silencing yourself and it stifles you from the gate.  You have no brand identity, no one notices you.  And in business if you get no one’s attention; you’re dead.  (you do not have to be rude to get people’s attention) Keep in mind, no matter what you think and say, there will always be someone who will not like you or disagree with you because you’re you.
    Fuck ’em.  You’re NOT TALKING TO THEM!
    And make that money, so you can continue to do your great work with those who do get you. (’cause you get them)

So get cracking! Think about a product/service that will solve the problem of one person first, then help a few more. Get referrals, collect email addresses, do SOME social media with your new personna. GET PAID FIRST!  Build “business” second.

This will do more for your self-confidence than anything.  When you know you can sell one person (at hundreds of dollars or more) then you know you can sell 5 people, 20 people and so on.





Former Nurse

“Former Nurse”.


This what he wrote down during my interview for a contract I was trying to get.


(Let me first say, I’m not tripping on nurses.  I love nurses.
My mother was a nurse and I admire what nurses do.  It’s just that I went into nursing strictly for financial security, in other words it wasn’t my calling.  I wanted to get off welfare.  After a while, I realized that I just traded one welfare check for another.  The restrictions, undo stress and unhappiness in my work wasn’t worth the “hospital welfare check”. Time to make a move to where I know I can really have an impact. If you’re working as a nurse and you love what you do, then why are you reading this? Go on with your bad self!

It’s o.k. I’ll be the big mouth and try to attract other nurses like me who want to leave the profession. Rest assured you can and should leave “quietly” and proudly, when you follow your “exit strategy”. Knowing that it’s o.k. and that it’s just time to do something else. For you, like me, that something else is in the fitness & diet space.) 



Back to “Former Nurse”.

This is what I saw written down on the notepad of the

person interviewing me at a Barnes & Noble coffee area.

This person was in search of a “special” personal trainer

only a few hours a week, for a 3-month contract.

I only do contract work.


I asked him about the “former nurse” note he wrote down

and why did he write that like that.  I never said “former nurse”


“Well”, he said, he was an older gentleman, “You are not going to need your

nursing license for this.  Besides, I get it… I used to be a computer analyst for AT&T.  But I’m a former computer analyst.  I only bring it up when it makes sense to.  Like if I’m with a client and they are having computer trouble with it affecting how they work with me as a personal trainer. Otherwise it’s something I used to do, just like many other things I used to do.”

I smiled.  I was o.k. with it.  Being a “former nurse” working in the fitness & diet world.


I finally got it.  My prospective clients aren’t looking for a “nurse”, they are looking for someone to solve their battle of the bulge problem and they just don’t think “nurse”.  As much I can see the value of being a nurse and other nurse colleagues can see the value of being a nurse in the fitness field… they don’t.


My prospective clients don’t see the value of being a nurse in fitness, unless someone was sick or hurt.  Outside of the walls of the hospital (other clinical settings), nursing conferences and academia… my nursing license was not needed to do the work that I do in the public with my targeted audience.



Sure there was a blood pressure that needed to be checked and other health markers could be measured.  But I only did that when it fit the ACSM guidelines… because I am not selling health or prevention.  I am selling fitness & diet programs/services for a specific targeted group of people.


My, women who are 50+, targeted audience just wants to “zip their pants”, look and feel better.


I believe that you have to get the attention of who you are talking to with what appeals to them… NOT you.  As nurses we can’t get out of our own heads because there are so many restrictions and rules that effect what way you express yourself in your message and your marketing.

You may sound so “same ‘ol” and not authentic.  You may also force facts, sometimes fear on people.  The public may initially respond, but they don’t buy. They don’t want to do what you have.


This is authentic what I am writing.


I’m zagging when everyone zigs.  I’m calling out all nurses who want to soon be former nurses who want to make money in the fitness & diet space with your own fitness/diet digital info-product (fad). Not just an e-zine we create packages that solve very specific problems in this highly competitive market.




From the hundreds of nurses I have spoken to and worked with since 2007, who were interested in fitness nursing, 90% or more had no problem putting “former nurse” in their bio.  That was the common denominator, that I only got clear on recently.  They wanted to replace their nursing income with money made from marketing & delivering their own fitness program (fad).  Not working as a “nurse” any longer, starts with a simple digital info-products that becomes the foundation of your ideas and services, you must pull it all together and create an offer that is compelling, polarizes and speaks specifically (not abstractly and inclusive, a mistake many “nurses in business” make) to their targeted audience’s problem.


Years ago, when I used to certify people for national personal (fitness) training over a 3-day weekend course, I remember there were always a nurse or two or three, trying to become former nurses.  I remember one in particular, came up to me at a break and whispered to me that she used to be a nurse, she had a BSN and some other initials.  She only came up to tell me this because I announced that, besides my exercise science education and training, that I was also a nurse to the weekend group I was training.  She wanted to make what I call an “Alumni Nurse Connection”.

A “I used-to-work-as-a-nurse” society of former nurses.


I asked her if she thought about going back to nursing.  She quickly responded… “Never”.


Sometimes you just know it’s time to leave and start preparing your “escape”, “departure”,  “exit”, whatever you want to call it, just start taking action towards developing your fitness/diet digital info-product (fad).


This can be done through various ways.  I’m here to help.


So even though I refer to myself as a “former nurse”, I use “nurse” in my expert title, “Fitness Nurse Consultant”, because I am a fitness expert who advises with soon-to-be former nurses (like you) wanting to make money in the fitness & diet space with your own digital info-product.

You probably won’t have “nurse” in your expert title because you WON’T be marketing to nurses! You’ll be marketing to, for example, stay-at-home dads who want to lose their gut and have more energy to play with their kids or busy women execs who want to look better than their nanny, etc.


So, I hear you.  I know you’ve had enough of that “hospital welfare check”.


This check makes you feel secure, but you want to be a former nurse so bad… you can taste it… you ask yourself, “How do I start focusing on this ‘side hustle’ (creating your own digital info-product, market & sell it), when I need to work the hours at the JOB (Just Over Broke), to pay my bills?”


I am not suggesting that anybody “quit their job”, that would be foolish if you have no other income coming in.  And even if you do have another income coming in; that other person may not be so happy with your thinking.


So, I know there is a lot to think about becoming a “former nurse”.  For some of you it’ll be worse than a divorce.  Some of you will feel like you lost 50 lbs.   But you have to have this desire inside of you, that you want to get your message and fitness/diet program out of your head and into the hands of your peeps.  You know that you can help people in a more fulfilling way, for you and for them, in the fitness & diet space.


People are asking you for your weight loss advice all the time… package it up for them and sell it!


You need more information.  Why not go to www.formernurses.com and sign up for Minky’s List.  You’ll get more support when you ask for it.  Just ask.







P.S. (I was hired, by the way, at that company for a 3-month gig, at the highest rate possible for being an exceptional interviewee.  This gentleman called to tell me I had the job because he likes “the way I think”.  Imagine that.  All my certifications have expired and am a former nurse, I still got the assignment because of ME.  He wanted me for this position – he “likes the way I think”, now that’s a person I don’t mind signing a contract with.)

Remember – PEOPLE BUY YOU.