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Menopause Afro

What “Menopause Afro” means to Minky:

A time and place in your life when you can say, thank God for curly hair!!!

When your hair starts thinning… Like mine did…


Natural never felt so good…



menopause afro, fun story short, nobodys listening show













I didn’t have locks of hair to start with or ever…



So, over a year or so period, I let my  naturally curly hair grow in and had to

“chop” part of other parts of my hair because of hair breakage and uneveness from previous relaxers… you know what I mean…



Some people aren’t there yet. And they buy their hair. Good for them.



Maybe in the future, I’ll buy some hair. It always comes down to finances and priorities, right.



I know people who won’t pay a utility bill because they have to get their hair done. Finances and priorities.



I, my friend, can cover my thinning hair with my natural curls for free and, this is a BIG and, my hair is actually growing back better with these natural products I have been using.  No more breakage! I love it!



Just a moment of “no shame” here. Do what you want, that makes you feel attractive…just don’t get upset if other people don’t like it…



Hey I get all the exterior beauty. I still and probably always will wear some kind of makeup when leaving the house.



A quick story >>> Fun Story Short >>>



I was in a beauty pageant in New Jersey.



Talk about epitome of shallowness and “beauty is skin deep” at it’s finest amongst Jersey’s finest married women. Look, I just did it cause I could.



No, I didn’t win. But I didn’t get last either.



(One day I’ll tell you about the “Miss Congeniality” story. Remind me.)



Learned a lot about body parts and creating illusions and treachery.



But they were all pretty cool with me because they knew

I had no chance of winning.



Seeing them in action was priceless.



I still have my contestant/pageant photos.



…And my divorce decree.



Nothing lasts forever…



So let’s celebrate something about our changing body…


Mine is… “Menopause Afro”



… And it is a metaphor for contestants (Fun Story Short game show) that represents something that’s changed on their body (outside) that they’ve come to accept and found some good use for it over time. For them to name it.



There’s my above story as an example,

but another example could be:



The tramp stamp you got in 2004, becomes part of a story. It’s something you did on a dare when you first tried tequila shots… (Did you just hear, the agave in tequila is good for your bones)



Or how the sound of your bones from running, playing sports, etc., make you a better weather man than your local meterologist.


One more…


You had to go to the emergency room because the large pin you use to close your together, just popped open after you sat down after eating lunch and jabbed you in your gut! You now see blood and are now feeling faint.

… You will only wear stretch pants now.





Menopause Afro is going to be a category in the Fun Story Short game show.



Were still putting it all together. Your welcome to eavesdrop in on The Nobody’s Listening Show for our planning sessions of the game show.



Mondays, 8:30pm (425) 440-5100, code:  529861#