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How to get kicked out of a Facebook Group quickly

How many Facebook (FB) groups are you in?

No, I mean really are involved with? 1, 2 or more? Well up until recently I was involved in 3 groups. Now only 2.

After the Superbowl, things got a little slow, so I decided to become more active in all 3 groups at the same time.





Group #1 is a “killer group”. The administrator’s attitude is “bring it!” The rules… he has none. People in the group know common courtesy and are not so thin-skinned that you have to worry about stating criticism(s) and/or giving some one a “kick in the ass” motivation rant. I really am loving this group. It’s mostly fitness professionals, but all kind of business folks there. Strong, knowledgeable, “I want to help you succeed” folks. I just had a thread going with a male member about having “balls” in marketing. We weren’t always in agreement, but we respected each other’s voice and are now “friends” on FB.

He openly stated the name of his company/business, so that would be a promotion, everybody congratulated him on him success, they weren’t threatened by it. (And it had the abbreviated word f*ck in the title, so it’s not for everybody’s taste… and that’s what makes the group more than great!)




Group#2 is a fine group. There are some rules and I feel kind of like I have to walk on “egg shells” some because some of the members (even though they are business folks) are a little too sensitive for my taste. But not all of them.

I test the group by adding a comment related to the post and try to follow the instructions and then see how I am perceived or responded to at all. There are repetitive posts and in my opinion, the administrator doesn’t get into the groups pain as much as she should. She plays it safe. I know it’s a double-edge sword. Diving into people’s pain can come off as “salesy” or “not caring”; but at the same time, you will never fully, deeply connect with people either if you don’t use it. This connection is what makes them ACT! When I posted to this group, I stayed on the topic and posted where I should. I even asked a question. Not much interaction. O.K. I wonder how many of the people in this group belong to other groups just to “belong”.

Belonging to more than 2 FB groups is a waste of time.




Group #3 is was a fine group. Yep, this is the group I was kicked out of. I hadn’t posted in this group, I think ever. I wanted to become more involved here too. Well this FB group was a fitness group for women over a certain age. My age, so I joined.

The mistake I made was to offer my opinion to a fellow member asking for advice:




FB group fitness comment








(Insert my fav Andy Rooney quote, “Only give advice in 2 situations, one – when it’s life or death or two –  when it’s asked for.”) I believe it was “asked for”…





Here’s my response:

FB group fitness response









We went on

FB Fitness Group response











Given my history, I even thought I’d give my 2-cents on Diastasis Recti:


FB fitness group, diactasis recti









And this is what I got for my troubles:

FB fitness group, administrators response







Why didn’t she give her some “real” advice?


Instead she showed insecurity, that she doesn’t know everything and never learned that the principles of diet, fitness and weight loss have always been the same. (What changes are hormonal involvement, age and mental capacity) I know this because it is acquired in years, beyond more than a weekend certification and a couple of Shape magazines.


Hey it’s her group right? If I want to do things my way, then why don’t I start my own damn group?! Right?




Well, I will. I have learned from these 3 FB group administrators. And I will not have a sanctimonious attitude, “I’m over 50 with a weekend certification, (but I have thousands of Twitter followers, which validates me) I eat and exercise this boring way, I look great, so do what I do because my shit is factual.”

Gimme a break. (BTW, I am jealous of all the Twitter followers 🙂 )



But my membership club will be a group for all those who believe in personal freedom in diet and weight loss. You must relate to your own personal plan and who is helping you too or you will NOT be successful long term. Aren’t you tired of being ignored, feeling dissed, not listened to and NOT given “real” advice when asked for it.



Get the respect you deserve!!!



My exciting group will also be a membership group that you pay for. Yep, only about $25.00 a month membership. I’ve got a lot of work to do! But it WILL be fun and not like an ordinary FB fitness group that only promotes the administrator’s lame weight loss plan and where no one can offer any advice. Yes, doing Zumba 2X a week and lifting weights 2X to build your midsection and increase those thunder thighs when you’re not happy with it, you dread it, doesn’t make you feel good AND not the results you want, is lame. Especially lame if you sit all day and think/believe that this exercising compensates for the  cumulative effect of 12 hours of sitting day after day.




To begin to turn all that around you need/deserve a personal freedom plan.

Start with relating to what you like to do and be around. It could be solitude. Start with relating then build on that.  Do you even relate to the person’s philosophy on how to lose weight? Do you even know what it is? You should.



I will only invite folks from my very small list and listeners of the Nobody’s Listening Show.  Join the list above right and get my personal freedom diet, The Hunger PangPang Diet. More information about the membership group to follow!

Nat and Minky co-host the Nobody’s Listening Show from last week’s show 2/6/17. We definitely jumped on this “FB group booted out thing”.

If you want to listen to a conversation about this do so here:



Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Minky, Hunger PangPang Diet, personal freedom diet






Pesticidian or Pescatarian



Here’s the replay/download on the web:


Fun banter about being a pesticidian or pescatarian or an omnivore and fat pugs too.



We couldn’t remember the name of people who eat a lot of fish and vegetables. Now we know it’s a PESCATARIAN – not a Pesticidian. Here’s our fun conversation about the two:



Do you feel that your life is a sloppy, unfocused mess? Do you have grown children or no children and your fat pug/dog is your child now? Want to take control over your weight for good?!


Please listen in on Mondays. 8:30pm EST.

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Number 1 CCRAN Principle (3 fat pugs) Be a Rule Breaker!

I’m a rule breaker.

Are you?

One of the first principles of CCRAN is to be a Rule Breaker.

Just because some one says to do something, some one who doesn’t think like you or knows what you know, would you automatically, without question, listen and follow their advice? Is the advice accepted and followed by a majority?

Do you sometimes push the envelope? Like our fat pugs do?
They will do anything to plop and relax. They eat liver and only “sprint” for short distances. Everyone else, the dog experts, tells their owners (us-of the fat pugs) the “rules of lean dogs” and also remind us about the “no dogs signs”.

Some “rules” that we (owners of fat pugs and the fat pugs themselves) break:

  • The last rib on a dog should be showing – my response, “Is your last rib showing?”
  • During the summer season, your dogs have to “plop” on this side of the signs – my response, “Pugs can’t see so good.”
  • Don’t feed your dog from the table – my response, “Of course not. My pug sits at the table, in a chair, alright?”

We find that people who tend to “break some rules” in society, also don’t follow the rules of the standard advice on diet and exercise. And you’re just more fun to be around. Sound like you?


Pugs are rule breakers:

















And more evidence of rule breaking:




This video (below) is a relaxing day in September, no signs no rule breaking. See how easy it is to NOT break the rules!!! Don’t have the signs:



Here’s a delightful time…

For more of the CCRAN principles (the other 8) CLICK HERE!

Don’t forget to listen in on the:

For this “Rule Breaker” Episode on the web, 9/26/16 – click below:


3 FAT Pugs 30 Lb. Weight Loss Show Conversation.
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C.C.R.A.N. and the end of the weight gain-diet rollercoaster

C.C.R.A.N. and the end of the weight gain / diet rollercoaster










I was at a graduation party this past weekend and I didn’t eat much. So when it was announced that the “desserts” were ready… I just had to look.


I had no guilt about having a piece or two of different desserts from this smorgasboard of 12 types of desserts.


As I get my piece of cheesecake, the man standing next to me goes for the fresh fruit. I said, “Wow there’s a lot to choose from”.


He said, “Yeah, but I have to refrain. I’m on what’s called the ‘Paleo Diet’, ever heard of it? And I can only have fruit, no cakes, pies, cookies, brownies, etc…”


I didn’t have the heart to tell him, I was on it (Paleo Diet) about 7 years ago.  I just said, “Yeah, I guess there were no funnel cakes or cheesecake in Paleolithic time…”


What happened next is what makes me crazy…


He preceded to proudly load up his plate/large bowl with about 4 or 5 ladel size spoonfuls of fruit, I kid you not. (Don’t get me wrong fresh fruit is great. And I realize that for some people if they have just a bite of chocolate cake… it’s like their “food crack” and it’s all over. All kinds of hormones surge and they can’t stop until they have cake coming out of their ears.
But that’s precisely my point… don’t you want control over that? How long can you keep eating fresh fruit instead of a taste of chocolate cake?


All I could think when he was loading his plate of with a bowling ball size of fruit was, for goodness sake, why don’t you just have a cookie or a scoop of ice cream.


I try to imagine how big his stomach had to expand to accommodate all that fruit. Nevermind what he had already ate for dinner.


He had no idea of his calorie intake or even cared for that matter.


All that mattered was that he was on “The Paleo Diet” and all he could eat from the dessert table was fruit. But did he have to eat all of it?


I wonder how long he will last on this diet because if he’s taking in more calories than he burns, it doesn’t matter what diet he’s on… he won’t lose weight… right?!


Then it’s bye, bye diet.


Hello weight gain.


The dreaded diet rollercoaster.


That’s why I LOVE C.C.R.A.N. (Calorie Cycling & Restriction Adequate Nutrition)


It doesn’t feel like a diet. It’s a combination of restricting calories, I like to call it “intermittent eating”, and just when I start to feel like the restriction is effecting my daily duties (like no energy to exercise, mentally not focusing, tiredness and irritability), I cycle my calories and eat more. I eat what I want. But that doesn’t mean I eat like it’s my last meal either. I know my body.


The food is usually adequately nourishing. Sometimes it’s very healthy and other times it’s shit. But I am never gluttonous.


I managed to keep my 30lb. weightloss off for over a year now (after years of being up and down on the weight gain / diet rollercoaster) AND I never feel like I am on a diet! WOOHOO!
(You can check out my weight gain and weight loss pics HERE.)


You can do this too. You need a lifestyle eating/exercise plan for you… NOT just a diet. We can help you discover your “diet lifestyle/exercise plan”.


CCRAN is a lifestyle.


Paleo Diet is a temporary diet (for most people).


They can’t wait to have pancakes or pasta!!!


I also have a secret weapon.
You have to find yours. For some it’s a personal trainer or surgery or a competition or a pill or prayer.  This is very personal and I believe we all need some help, especially in the beginning of doing something.


Now you may have started and lost and gained many pounds on diets before (in my case up to 30lbs.), but I want you to look at this as something new to you, your new beginning, in that your intention is to lose up to 30lbs. and KEEP IT OFF! That’s it.


You’re learning how to keep it off, before you actually lose it.


Crazy, I know.


Get off that weight gain – diet rollercoaster and check out how to become a CCRANNY by CLICKING HERE.







(Minky, Your 30lb. Weightloss Coach) 

Lose 30 lbs in 30 Days & Thick to Thinner Thighs











Lose 30 Lbs in 30 Days?

Yeah right?! I know.

Snake oil.

I agree it is snake oil for most people.

But for some people like me, when all the moons lined up perfectly, I did lose 27 lbs. in 30 days. (30 lbs. in 30 days sounds better, don’t you think?)


I’m just an aging Boomer hack who’s sporting a 2-pack and credits nursing home food.


My “irrational want” is to NOT have my thighs rub together. Today my thighs don’t rub together. What’s your “irrational want”? (Something about your body’s appearance/shape you think could never happen but is what you really want.)

I give you some tips on this audio if you want your thick thighs to be thinner.

Also please consider joining The CCRAN Club.


I mention some unhealthy and healthy hacks during my Laughter Diet performance below:

I did it.  Want to know how? Listen in above.






Fat burning foods vs Fat making foods

Fat-Burning vs. Fat-Making Foods


Staples from my kitchen… As far as I’m concerned they’re all “Fat-Burning” because I don’t over eat and I have muscle that I use vigorously a few times a week. You can too.













What’s the difference?

The difference is NOT in the foods!

That’s right… not in the food.

The difference is in your metabolism (hormones).

Whenever I hear/read fat-burning foods from anyone, I lose a little

respect for them, unless they are making a joke.

Fat-burning and food (eating) should not even be in the same sentence.

That’s the complete opposite of what food does.

We shouldn’t think of food as fat-making, but we eat for nourishment and energy. As long as our metabolism is working well and we don’t eat more than we need, then it’s really irrelevant if a food is fat-burning.

30 years ago, I learned that muscle was fat-burning, not food, never food. Oh, and NOT eating was fat-burning, muscle burning and dehydrating too. And I don’t think exercise physiology has changed that much in 30 years.


P.S. Of course in a very competitive weightloss, fat loss world, I realize that “Fat-Burning Food” is a marketing ploy. People sure don’t want to hear about fat-making foods, right? But as you already know, any food that’s more than your calorie requirement to maintain your current weight in 24 hours is “fat-making”. Even if it’s a lentil.


If you want to laugh & hear some fun tips on reducing your Navel to Knuckle area to help with your leaks (just by improving your posture), listen here it’s called


Enjoy! you can listen to more on the STW audio tab above and sign up for my list too!

Fake It Till I Make It. A Must for Body Transformation

“Fake it till you make it!” 



You’ve heard it before. I’d like to call it to “Act as if”.


"I'm so stressed! So many things I'm supposed to do. How do I start? Who am I supposed to be to get results? ...Ahhh screw it, I quit!"

“I’m so stressed! So many things I’m supposed to do. How do I start? Who am I supposed to be to get results? Be me? Be myself? Well that’s why I’m having the problem! …Ahhh screw it, I quit!”




Being a Heretic, my opinion will not be popular… ever.


But what I’ve read others, particularly on social media, write about is popular, the “Let’s all be authentic” pitch. Show the ‘real you’ and let others know who you are! Dammit!”



You’re sure to get the “knee jerk ‘like‘ reaction” on your feel good comment on social media. Or even comments on your blog that validates your plea to not “fake it till you make it” and not be someone else.


This all makes sense and sound good. Why would you try to be somebody you’re not?


…How about when you want to change your habits to transform your body?


It’s amazing how differently people see things…


I can only assume that when people are writing about not ‘faking it’, they’re talking about copying someone else’s “way” or style or even their work. Or maybe calling themselves something that they haven’t “earned”.  Oh boy…




… they have never ventured into the world of body transformation, either personally being successful at it or trying to help others with it [changing their bodies].


I tell my clients, often in the beginning, to “fake it till they make it” all the time.




Because they do not know who they are when they must live a different way to get the results they want.  It takes practice of rituals… daily.


In other words, they need to “visualize” their day, what they will do and what they want to look like. (a form of ‘faking it’)


Because they need to imagine pit bulls chasing them on my manual treadmill, with a very tight tread for 30-60 seconds. (a form of ‘faking it’)


Because they need to eat like a “thin” person. Be like someone who is not a “foodie” and could care less about having lunch. (form of ‘faking it’)


Because they want to build even a little anti-aging, fat-burning muscle and their body is saying, “Nooo! Stay in bed 30 more minutes you don’t have to get up and exercise… I’ve had guys say, ‘What would Arnold Schwarzenegger do?'” (a form of ‘faking it’)


Because they just joined an exercise class and don’t know the steps, they don’t quit and they… you guessed it… ‘fake it till they make it’. Nobody started out knowing what to do. (even with great instruction)


What about the “Be like Mike” campaign? A form of faking it?


How many of you still don’t know what you want to be when you grow up?


And your 47 y.o. 🙂

(Hey, I’m starting all over again. I changed my audience 2 months ago after 7 years of doing something I thought I wanted to do. But I didn’t “love” it. So, I’m inclusive in that question, plus I’m older than that too.)


Instead of calling it “faking it till you’re making it”, I like to call it to “act as if”.


Just like how people get their panties or boxers in a bunch when they feel judged, I like to call it discernment and everybody does it.  Expect it and get over it. If you say you don’t, I say you’re lying…


…We emulate people, especially in sports and entertainment and body transformation.


On the internet and social media, if you know who you ‘really’ are and how to express that without caring what people think, you are truly on your way. Other wise most people will “fake it till they make it”… because they are still figuring this out.


When I was determined to “zip my pants” again and NOT go up another size, and lost 20+ lbs. pretty quickly, I “acted as if” I was an “expert” on pre-diabetes and it worked for me.

People asked me, “How did you lose weight so fast?”, I said I became a “pre-diabetes expert” and meant it. (not saying that what I did would work for someone else, but if my clients ask me what I did and they do, I will tell them with that caveat… it’s anecdotal. But guess what? People don’t care. They want to know what I did… period)


You know who cares that I was calling myself a “pre-diabetes expert”? Someone who has 10 years experience in diabetes with all the initials to boot and is annoyed that people won’t seek them out because they are way more qualified.

(And way more boring too, probably using facts, fear and force to get their clients to change which we know never works. [I’ve written about this before] Diabetics are often the most non-compliant people.

I know my boundaries, I will refer people in a New York minute if they meet ACSM guidelines to do so and are more than I can handle. Besides my style is “I don’t play that non-compliance shit”. Been doing this way too long. If you don’t do what we agreed would work for you and you would try, then I refer you to someone else too.)


Also, it’s like what I used to tell my Registered Dietitian friend,

“People who are exercising with a personal trainer, who can relate with that trainer and is getting results, is more likely to ask that weekend-trained personal trainer for their opinion on a personal diet, than to “look up” a strange, yet well-qualified, almost intimidating, Registered Dietitian.” That’s just human nature folks.


People who have lasting change continue to get results and come to you because they like you, and can relate to you… not because you were “referred” to them during/after their scary hospitalization or you’re on their insurance plan. Sure, they’ll show up; but will they really change once they leave your office?

When if comes to lifestyle diseases, statistically, probably not. Docs know this. That’s why we have medications and surgery.


Maybe if people would adopt a “fake it till you make it” mentality with someone they connect with, someone they want to please, they will have a better chance of building their self-confidence in doing so with multiple short term wins and then changing for good.


I don’t consider myself an entrepreneur, an analyst, a “creative” or even a healer.  I am a performer and even though when I get in front of people, talking about improving your “navel to your knuckle area” of your body, I am authentic in what I say and do, I often listen to & think of my idols and want to be like them when I’m speaking/teaching/entertaining. (I’m sometimes “faking it, till I’m making it” and “acting as if” with that too)



What’s wrong with that?


Call or text me: (732) 620-2193 if you want. I’d like to hear from you.



All Things Navel to Knuckle

I’ve decided to focus on a particular area of your body.

This part of your body has special needs as you approach 50 or are over 50 already. Both externally and internally.

From your “Navel to your Knuckle”. (From where your navel or belly button is to where your knuckles fall down to your sides when your arms are straight down)


Navel to Knuckle (N2K):








This includes improving all things in this area (N2K), for people over 50, for example:

  • Flattening your lower abdomen (tummy). No Dicky-Do for men and No F.U.P.A. for women
  • Activating (firming) your gluts (butt) from sitting all day long. I call it “chair butt”
  • Improving your bladder strength with “Laughs without Leaks” fitness program (small group & private)
  • Living the C.R.A.N. Lifestyle (Calorie Restriction Adequate Nutrition), sleeping better and laughing on a regular basis (Oh, in response to another “health-conscious” friend  acquaintance of mine who asks me if I “eat clean”. I said “sure do”.  And then walked away.
    I must give you my definition of “eating clean”: Clean eating is when you wash your hands first and often; then your food, right? You know like your fruits and veggies and chicken. [Some infection control people told me that washing chicken spreads chicken germs all over the sink.  But it’s ingrained in my head from my Nana. So I’ll always do it.] Clean the top of your cans off BEFORE opening them. I do eat in my car, but if food falls on the seat, between my legs while driving [still the seat], or on the car floor… it stays there.  DO NOT EAT!
    Anyway that’s as “clean” as it gets here. Oh, we eat on “clean” dishes and when we eat till almost full we “clean” the plate into PangPang’s dish (the fat pug). We also follow the “5-second rule” when something drops on the floor. Hoping the floor is “clean” – all sums up my “clean eating”

Here’s 2 tips for you (example of what we show you):

  1. Pick an easy ritual to follow something that you already do. Like after brushing your teeth, do standing multi-joint exercise. Use 5-10Lb. dumb bells, with correct form do a dead lift into an overhead press, engaging your abdominals throughout. Don’t do the “belly push” which causes that lower pouch, that you work so hard to get rid of. (This is what I actually do. I do 12-15 every morning except Monday.  I don’t exercise on Mondays.) I also walk PangPang for 35-50 minutes daily. Walking works because it COMPLIMENTS my strength muscle-making, fat-burning morning exercise. Walking alone is not going to give you the look/results you want. (but don’t stop doing it, if that’s what you do now.  Just add 5-7 minutes of a N2K exercise. It can be done at other times of the day too.) We also have exercises you can do in the bed (not the horizontal mambo, either.)Oh, don’t forget to stretch before going bed. We will be posting a great hip flexor stretch in an upcoming post. I need to film my brother doing it.  Just having tight hip flexors causes you to have a belly pouch. WOW! Right? (A great physical therapist couple showed me this in 2007, when they were writing their book, “Your Body, Your Responsibility”.)
  2. How much you eat is critical.  Most people eat to fuckin’ much. When you eat is important too. We teach you how to Intermittently Eat (I.E.) It’s very important to exercise on an empty stomach on our program. Please don’t apply this to other exercise programs.  We are not exercising for 45, 60 or 90 minutes. What you do is live in a “fasted-state” and you intermittently eat at strategic times (like when you’re really, truly hungry).  Here’s the best part – you eat what you want. Sure, sure, sure you have to cut out some foods but not forever! So, if you haven’t already, you should get the food list on the C.R.A.N. Lifestyle. Most of the foods are from ALDI stores. Sign up for 2X a month emails for more N2K tips and announcements, at above right, to get the immediate food list. You’ll be surprised at all the food choices.



These are just 2 examples of how easy it is to use and improve that area of your body (N2K) without even getting on the ground. (this example)


But there are other time-saving exercises we do (best for people over 50, starting to exercise again) to improve that N2K area and simple strategies on what/how/when to eat foods off the ALDI list.


That’s it for now.


If you want the free chapter (bonus chapter) from “The No-Dicky-Do Diet” book, please sign up to get it in 2016.


This is a brand new list.  You will not automatically be put on it.  I am asking your permission.  I want you to want to be on it and receive my stuff.  C’mon it’ll be fun… time to get some good shit.  No more bore!



Live the C.C.R.A.N. Lifestyle

Have you’ve been on many diets before?  Eating clean? Mediterrean? Paleo? Vegetarian?  You probably have if you’re over 40 and are figure conscious.

Which ever one you choose, you must take in less than you expend as a common denominator. Period. I know, that’s not exciting is it?

I won’t knock those diets, ’cause like exercise, all diets fundamentally work. The problem is our environment is all about indulgence. But I’m a control freak and I like to control what I eat. Eating doesn’t control me. I like to indulge too, but I also don’t want my thighs to rub together when I walk. So, I compromise. I Live the CCRAN Lifestyle. Calorie Cycling & Restriction Adequate Nutrition.

July 2015. Not bad for going into August my "Lounge chair, hot dog and umbrella drink" month.

July 2015. Not bad for going into August my “Lounge chair, hot dog and umbrella drink” month.
















You’ve probably heard of the C.R.O.N. Diet.  It stands for Calorie Restriction Optimal Nutrition. (Dr. Roy Walford; Brian M. Delaney, Co-Author of The Longevity DietCR Society ;  Mark Mattson; Peter Voss, and others) It has been proven to increase longevity, especially the calorie restriction part. (Some people disagree; after all there’s a study for every thing, right?)

CCRAN is individual for each person. Some people will want to be vegans, I don’t. I eat a lot of vegetables, but I also eat animal fat.

That’s what so great about how we teach our clients CCRAN. Through CCRAN principles, mindful eating, exercise, and 3 simple steps, we help you create your own CCRAN Lifestyle (one that you CAN live with). One caveat – we only work with people over 40, who want to lose 30lbs. No more. And it’s not the last 3o lbs; but the first 30 lbs. (Reason given in a later post. It has to do with our history of working with all kinds of people with weight loss and fitness)


I’ve always liked the concept of this CR diet, because I can’t stand GLUTTONY.  I feel that we are poisoned by too many calories and many people need a “Foodie Rescue” or “Foodie 911”. As a matter of fact, I call it GUTTONY.  (No “L”) ‘Cause that’s what you end up with. A “GUT” from “GLUT”.


I’ll admit I’ve been a “calorie restrictor” for years. (Yet, I eat what I want) I’m not just talking about “fasting”. But just not eating/drinking a lot of calories at any one sitting and within 24 hours.



When I read Tim Ferriss’ book, “The 4-Hour Body” and I couldn’t stop laughing when he mentioned about calorie restriction and the baboons.


The summation of the CR (Calorie Restriction) study was that the one baboon (#1) who ate whatever he wanted died sooner than the baboon (#2) who was fed a calorie restricted diet (like cardboard).


Tim went on to point out that baboon (#1) died sooner (yet, with a smile on his face) and baboon (#2), even though he was still living – had a look on his face that he wished he was dead.  “Why won’t someone mercifully kill me?!”  Baboon #2 just couldn’t eat another piece of cardboard. 🙂


So, I agreed. Quality vs. Quantity. Is there a compromise?

For me there is. I eat what I want. I am aware of calories (so I don’t count nor do I weigh my food. You may have to do these things in the beginning, if don’t have a clue how much energy [kcal] you are taking in). But I also like flavor, I adore fats, all kinds – from animal fat to avocado fat to cottage cheese fat.


My issue, pet peeve, platform –


I think people eat too fuckin’ much.


Yes, there are hormones and other health issues to consider, but usually somewhere in their life, they ate more than they needed and put on weight over time. There bodies became very good at “fat-making”, that they literally just have to “look” at food at they would gain weight. That’s a tough place to be.


As we get older, it is harder to lose weight.  That’s why I don’t strive for a “6-pack” anymore. I like my “2-pack”. Which is challenging to maintain.  How do I do it?


I live the C.C.R.A.N. Lifestyle (NOT C.R.O.N.)


C.R.A.N. stands for Calorie Restriction ADEQUATE Nutrition.  We, my brother and I, feel that “optimal” nutrition is only temporary for 95% of the population.


Unless you live in a biosphere and have your own farm animals.


Calorie Cycling & Restriction and Adequate Nutrition (you know, A Snickers bar from Halloween candy for dinner one night a month and a 3/4 of a Big Mac with grape soda a second night within a month – crap basically – we eat crap from time to time) is how he and I are able to still fit the clothes we wore in high school. Well over 30 years ago. Not that we still have them. Well, I do have 2 pairs of jeans and a couple of tee-shirts.  We just know our calorie requirements and only eat 2 fistfuls of food and drink at one sitting.

If we do go over our calorie requirement, what we call our “caloric magic number” –  well then it’s on! We accept the bloat BUT don’t let it go too far. WE do things to minimize the “small GLUT” damage. You know, “kill the monster when it’s small”.

We do crazy exercise because we have been physical all of our lives.

If you are a beginner, you have to start at a different level when it comes to movement after eating crap. Getting the “crap eating” under control and portion control is what we tackle first anyway. All foods can fit… just not all at the same time and as often.

Here’s a pic of “my baby bro” showing off –

My brother is (50ish) and does CRAN now that he's older.

My brother is (50ish) and does CCRAN now that he’s older.









The C.C.R.A.N. Lifestyle simply refers to calorie cycling & restriction, adequate nutrition, exercise and sleep. Not just any exercise, but exercise that you will do though ==>easy cardio, like walk-jog/run-walk. And what we call N2K strength exercises that target the area of your body from your navel to your knuckles.







These exercises are thigh-thinning exercises too. No explosive body exercises, plyometrics (jumping up on boxes and trash cans or turning over backhoe tires), no excessive stepping, squatting & lunges nor heavy weights. We do just enough to let your body know that you NEED your muscles to survive, while you’re in a calorie restricted-state. In other words, to preserve as much muscle as possible, while you live The CCRAN Lifestyle.


So, we don’t do “Crash Cross Fit”, nor never-ending cardio nor in the gym everyday for hours.  (But we do like going to the gym once in a while.) If you like those exercises that’s great and you should do what you like.  But at our age, and after years of abusive, competitive athletics and fitness, our bodies/joints can’t handle the stress of those types of exercise.

I use a lot of my “Navel to Knuckle” exercises that are great for women over 40; yet awesome for men over 40 too!

We use our own body, shake weights, Pilates ring, standing exercises and isometrics. My brother uses kettle bells because he knows what he’s doing. I’m afraid of kettle bells.

I don’t fall for “new” types of exercises that are really rehashed from years earlier.  We do movement that helps your body discern the need for muscle while your restrict your calories with foods from grocery stores like ALDI. Did you get you latest ALDI grocery list I use for my CCRAN Lifestyle. Remember Each “CCRANNY” (A person who decides to live the CCRAN Lifestyle, has their own staples of food and exercise rituals. But I share mine as an example. Go to top right and sign up to get it plus more surprise goodies.)

ALDI isn't everywhere. But it's on the East Coast and it's cheaper than most stores. I also like the German brands.

ALDI isn’t everywhere. But it’s on the East Coast and it’s cheaper than most stores. I also like the German brands.













We feel that picking one store for most of your food helps you stick to a plan of eating.  Some foods are not available at ALDI, but MOST are.  ALDI also saves you money.

From coconut oil to sauerkraut to veggie burgers (if that’s what you like).


Now of course, you have to evaluate your calorie intake for a few days, but then that’s it.  Also you have to “shrink” your stomach’s satisfaction for fullness.  And we help you with finding your portion size for each meal too.


You will strategically eat and exercise to best utilize fat-burning.  But CR is a must and so is 2 fistfuls of food as a measure of your portion size at any meal or snacking.

We help you with reducing your waist and helping you to look better in your clothes, in yoga pants and especially that crotch area. (Our specialty – N2K area of your body).


Feel better and look better in your clothes, especially your pants and shorts.


I’ll write about sleep on another post. But for now download the ALDI list and get started on your C.C.R.A.N. Lifestyle! It’s fun and simple to do.

Beome a CCRANNY today!

Start by simply signing up for Minky’s list. I only send out about a couple of e-mails a month with CCRAN tips and “Live The CCRAN Lifestyle” book updates.

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Nurses interested in Fitness and Diet don’t fall for this

O.K., I’m back in New Jersey.

Here’s a piece for nurses interested in making money and an impact in the fitness & diet space.

Speak to Sell LIVE in Tampa (10/15-10/17/2015) was great! And I have new pics with me and the great Lisa Sasevich (The Queen Of Sales Conversion and Creator of the Invisible Close)


O.K. here’s an updated pic here (in case you don’t want to look back at the last post):











This wasn’t my first rodeo with Lisa and I can’t believe how much more I learned. I’m actually going to deliver an “irresistible” offer in my comedy act! And make Lisa proud! How about THAT?!



As I was introducing my brother to Twitter, I was on SM more than usual and I noticed not one but 3 quotes from “experienced nurses” in business for themselves (mostly within nursing, services all for contact hours, not for me- some are doing well, some aren’t), about how nurses can do ANYTHING. (Just because they are a nurse).


One nurse said, “Nurses are great at learning new things, just point us in the right direction and we’ll figure it out“. That’s one of the major problems for nurses new to business or in business. Nurses feel like they don’t need to invest or learn anything outside of nursing and want to compare it to nursing duties, and they’ll just “figure out” the rest. A disservice to me.


Another nurse (who I really admire) but wrote, “We’re even good salespeople. Every time you have to convince a patient to adhere or follow up on some tests, you’re selling!”


Really.  That’s the same thing?!


When a patient is in the hospital in pain, scared, upset, embarrassed, feeling alone and at the mercy of the hospital staff, how much effort would it take to get a patient to adhere in your presence. Even if it took skill on the part of the nurse, the patient is at a disadvantage always, and will likely never say “no”.



NOT, NOT, NOT the same at all as asking for someone to turn over their hard earned cash in a conversation or from the stage for your service or product.



[That’s why nurses interested in fitness & diet should focus on building lists with education-based and authority-based marketing.  NOT SO MUCH SOCIAL MEDIA, some, but do not put your all your business eggs in the SM basket because it’s easy. Look at what other fitness and diet gurus are doing NOT other nurses. One thing I see that works against nurses in business (outside of nursing) is that they want to help everyone.  Because in nursing, even when in a specialty unit, you don’t get to pick your patients and you help everyone who’s given to you.  This is just the opposite in your fitness & diet business.]



Nursing (the industry) is so against selling; that you’ll never sell from the stage at a nursing event. It’s not allowed. Now I realize that you can get other things like names and contact info that’s just as, if not more valuable; most nurses don’t or won’t do this.  They walk away from the talk with a lot of praise and thank-you’s and $500-$1,000 for speaking.  Minus expenses.



A no thank you for me any more.



I’m all for a rah, rah session and positive talk, but let’s get real… unless you’ve done sales (with plenty of rejection), cold calls (some), generate leads, have a script and can sell one-on-one and from the stage/ teleseminar/webinar in your past life, (you don’t learn this in nursing school), then you’re not making any money in your “business”.


Now you may be the exception.


I believe personalities are what they are regardless of your “work”. If I was cleaning hotel rooms, I would still be trying to sell things to people on the fly or at an event or on the phone.  I just happen to be a nurse (not typical though).



I’ve just seen it too many times when it comes to sales and selling.  Nurses fall flat on their faces. This is where I draw the line.

When I work with a nurse who is sure they want to get into the fitness and diet space; I ask you about your sales experience and won’t count the times you got someone to “do something” in the hospital. Nursing experiences are varied, but let’s talk about your life experiences too. Outside of nursing.



I won’t bullshit you.  Fitness professionals will eat you alive. And they don’t care that you are a nurse.  Your potential clients in this space want results, not resumes, not long-term anything and definitely NOT prevention.



Nurses, admit that you need sales training.

Like the training I get with Lisa Sasevich. She teaches you how to sell without being salesy, pushy or mushy. I invested time, money and effort to learn from the master. (she made 25 million last year).

[That’s why when someone of her caliber, laughed out loud at my new idea and my new company, LMAO Consulting… you run with it!!!]

Her previous jobs before her business boomed – she was a pharmaceutical sales rep (how many of you cringed when you had to deal with them), she also worked in sales for Hewlett-Packard and for a seminar company. But look where it got her today.  She’s a master of it.  Smooth as silk.  It takes practice.  You’ll only get great at sales by selling. Period.


Follow sales experts on Twitter like Jeffrey Gitomer and Wendy Weiss and others. Stop worrying about the initials and more and more education that you may not need if you want to make money, and make a difference outside of nursing.  The initials don’t guarantee anything… sales practice and sales conversions do.



Here’s a quote from Napoleon Hill:

“General knowledge, no matter how great in quantity or variety it may be, is of but little use in the accumulation of money.”



If you want to keep going to school and keep getting a variety of certifications, great.   I’m not talking to you.


If you say you’re not in it for the money you just want to help people, great.  I’m not talking to you.


If you want to leave nursing and replace and grow your income to work in the fitness and diet space and make an impact there (which requires money)… GREAT – I’M TALKING TO YOU.


If you want to talk with me about finding your target market in fitness & diet, generating leads and sales conversations, or just where to start; you can do so at your 15-minute discovery session here:





Oh, in case you missed it, here’s my fitness model brother (50ish) posing and showing off before our photo shoot:



This is a gymnastics move. Called a planche. My brother was a gymnast when he was a kid. This is very difficult. He makes it look easy. The exercises in our book WILL NOT include these “show off” moves.












Another gymnastics move. The "L seat". My bro still has it!

Another gymnastics move. The “L seat”. My bro still has it!













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