A Story Listener & co-host from the Nobody's Listening Show play a game "FUN STORY SHORT" with YOU, who NEVER wants to feel stupid again after saying, "LONG Story Short", when telling your rambling story to someone you want to impress.

Write/call The NLS to be a contestant! MONDAYS – 8:30pm EST Launches Fall 2017.

Fun Story Short

“Dream Warriors come out to play-ay-ay!”  ~Adapted from movie, The Warriors, 1979


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Listen in on my Fun Story Short (FSS) below…





Fun Story Short is a game…

It’s designed to help professional bores & work whores, maybe like you, (used to be me, I was a “professional whore”, I know now I’m just a professional misfit) to get to the point, the FUN point and then shut up, leaving your audience (even if it’s one person) wanting more (of you).

Our basic premise is that when people are laughing they are listening. They are interested.

It’s how you leave them FEELING, that matters.




Do people’s eyes glaze over when you introduce yourself and start talking about what you do?

Do you feel nobody listens to you? No respect? Why?

Do you feel like you just don’t belong… (at several places of employment or several departments) 

Can you name 3 things that are great about you?

Do you wish you had a “catch phrase” about what’s “FUN” about you?






Let’s get YOUR story straight and create your Fun Story Short… The end result is a short, yet fun story/phrase about you and your uniqueness.

Please keep in mind that I will not necessarily say this verbatim. But since I have put so much into it, depending on who I am talking to, I can easily just say one part of it and elaborate on that small piece or not.

There’s so many ways this Fun Story Short(est) can go because of HOW it came about, how it was created.


Here’s my Fun Story Short(est) (version #3):

As soon as I graduated from college in the 1980’s, I did stand-up comedy for 3 years. I can’t tell you how proud my parents were when I went on the road, lived out of my car and slept wherever I could, (sometimes with whomever I could), all to get laughs from drunken strangers in dark, smoke-filled comedy clubs along the East Coast. Why did I stop? Well I got pregnant before I got famous. Still… I tried to put comedy/humor in everything since. Like becoming a single mother on welfare, with a college degree… that’s funny; being in a beauty pageant… I know… hilarious! Let me tell you, it was my Mom’s dry humor that always shined through.

Trouble is… 10 years ago, my mom “dropped-dead” on a treadmill. I’ve been living a Zombie ever since… Well, until I recently got truth-slapped… twice. Before the slap, I was “½ alive” and doing what I needed to survive (doing work I hated exposed my biggest fear, “Who will wipe my butt in my later years?”) AND I was always trying “to get”. When I finally accepted that I don’t like kids & grew my “menopause afro” I started to live; then I found the common denominator in all I do well for people, I truly started “to give”…  

Today, after the truth-slap, in my work & play, I consider myself a Heretic and I hang with other Freelancers. I make their thighs thinner for life, make them laugh (at me mostly) and I am offensive (to some). Through listening to their (your) story & using a fun, short process, I help Freelancers, Entrepreneurs,  Speakers, Side Hustlers go from “LONG story short” to FUN Story Short, engage  people and leave them smiling. I can help you stop saying “Long Story Short” & “Get YOUR fun story straight”, so you don’t put others to sleep when you start talking. 


My next question is almost always, “How does this make me more money?”   I tell them when you are liked more, you will make more. Relate always comes first. Then I ask if they have a social media account and if we can connect there and/or I give them my website/blog and/or I just straight up ask for their email if that looks good.


Do you consider yourself a Freelancer? Are you a speaker with a boring story or worse, a fake story? If so, please consider joining us and developing more of your natural charm. I help you smile about yourself. Study of your self is the best education.

I listen to your story & can help you “Get YOUR fun story straight”, so you don’t put others to sleep when you start talking.




Creating this shortest version (version #3) was the result of first writing & creating my full long story, then making it shorter and somewhat funnier, twice. So I have 3 versions of my Fun Story Short to use at different venues and conversations, talks, written bios, etc.


With the FSS game, we start with helping you create a killer opening line.

Start with a killer opening line:



asshole, truth slapped, fun story short game show, nobodys listening show













If you don’t have a killer opening line and want to find yours, this game show can help you get there, while having fun and discovering what you’re really good at. (may not be what you think!)





The game is created by Minky and features another Professional Misfit/ “Jack of all Trades” from “The Nobody’s Listening Show”

Each week Tarsha co-hosts with Minky. You get a “Taste of Inspiration & Validation” from Total Transformation Coach, Tarsha:



Who is a professional misfit?

A professional misfit is a “who”, this is a person, possibly you.
[You may be “hiding in the closet”. You are a good professional on the outside; but on the inside you’re not that great of a professional. You may even dislike what you’re doing, or you’re just not fulfilled, but you can’t let anyone know. ONLY you know you have so much more to offer!]

  • You have had more than 3 major jobs, with substantial training (ie:  degree, license, certification required, even expired ones)
  • You have been written up
  • You have been fired or asked to resign
  • You don’t have many or any “friends”  at your job or even in your chosen field (by friend, I mean someone you would spend the weekend with) Tarsha and I are lonely.
  • There’s always a mental “deal breaker” you have at a job and you will not waiver when it’s broken… You quit.
  • Does your story start with “I’ve been a __________________ for 25 years” (fill in the blank) “And I am slowing dying on the inside!”


Here’s a Misfit by the Urban Dictionary’s definition. I tend to agree especially with the part about following our own beliefs and then persecuted for it and definitely “hated” for no reason. This was way before the internet for me:

urban dictionary def of misfit, nobody's listening show, fun story short


















Fun Story Short is NOT a bio, NOT a resume. But YOU… unhinged, transparent, authentic.


“Find the funny in you”. Build your self-confidence too!


Yes, life is not a joke totally. But most time it is. (for us anyway)


We help you figure out what type of humor works best for you…

It just may be one line.


Like self-deprecating humor – my favorite (usually can’t be copied exactly because it involves family, everyday shit, your personality and how you see the world. It keeps you grounded about what’s really important and most things, if you STOP and take a deep breath, are humorous and fleeting.)



Basically – Our goal is that you’re interesting/offensive/intriguing from the moment you open your mouth or somebody starts reading about you.

We also want you to feel validated and to release your “real work”.



The object of the game show is “DISCOVERY” for you – to find and like something fun about you that you will share, be vulnerable with your audience. (Not what you may think)

We want you to feel VALIDATED about your “secret work” and to RELEASE all that judgement you might be afraid of feeling from other co-workers (not your friends) in a corporate, healthcare or hospitality setting, etc.




(There will be a time limit – we are still working out the game rules)



Magically, the result, the pay off is a fun discovery, release and validation and…


They want more of you (in a good way). More information, more results, more, more, more!!!








Know thy fun self, no more long story short


















Remember the exclamation point means “CAUTION!” This is a Sloppy Unfocused Mess Production!



This process of coming up with this game show concept and starting with our own stories is quite remarkable.


Being a guest/contestant on the Fun Story Short game can help you with what I’ve done with my story below…Cut it down, make it fun, make it short, shorter and shortest! (Or even coming up with your catch phrase or event)


This may not work exactly the same for you but I can try to help you come up with 3 versions of your Fun Story Short. I have my shortest story example (version #3) early in the post, then the other 2 versions, I started with, are below:




I started with my original and named, short version (#1) 10 Years a Zombie here => my own story – Then I made it shorter (below #2) with my FUN STORY SHORT(ER):


If you are at a place where everyone seems to be an asshole; you’re probably the asshole.


That was the 1st “Truth Slap” for me.


The 2nd “Truth Slap” was, “Why are you trying to please dead people?”


Today, I can help you “get your FUN story straight” & thin out your thighs. More than that is WAY too serious for me! My other co-host on the Nobody’s Listening Show help you w/weight loss & side hustles.
After 28+ f*ckin’ years of working a combination of part-time jobs, outside sales, teaching & training nursing assistants, certifying national personal trainers & being a masseuse (no formal training, if you know what I mean) – competitive bodybuilder, stand-up comedian (yes got boo’ed of stage a couple of times), RN Health Educator & coined the term Fitness Nurse Consultant (not anymore), speaking & teaching fitness/diet to all types of people, I was a “Jack of All Trades”…(Lover of Storytelling & story listening)”, I didn’t know this yet. Then coming to terms with my mom dropping dead on a treadmill – I’ve decided it’s all BS. Not Bachelor of Science, but rather Bull Shit!


I finally got my story straight!  AND surrounded myself with people who laugh at my jokes and lift me up. You should do the same.



It’s morbid, but since my mom dropped dead exercising on a treadmill, I’ve been teaching the opposite of any thing mainstream weight loss in a way that’s best for JUST YOU. And I help YOU “modify” your story too.


Today, I am a “Heretic, Comedian, Personal Freedom Dieter & Story Listener”.
I want to know things like, “What’s your Irrational Want?” “What’s your biggest fear?”, etc. (for me – my thighs not rubbing together, ever & who will wipe my butt?; respectively.)
(Heresy, I know.)



Change your story. Change your energy when you start talking or writing about yourself. Let loose a little… I promise the laughter is worth it. They are laughing with you, not at you. It’s a great feeling! (I know you may not be a comedian – and NO, you do NOT have to call yourself a “Humorist” just because you are trying to be funny. Just be yourself – which is easier said than done.)


Since laughter is the COMMON DENOMINATOR in all I do, it’s what I can best help you with, even a little bit of a fun moment helps your story.



Have fun and play our game. Fun Story Short.

Our P.O.V. (point of view) & Motivation begins with relating to others, then body change occurs with Short Term Wins. Relate. Reframe. Repeat.
When you look better, you feel better, or vice versa, then you start to believe anything is possible. 



A Heretic* –
(*pronounced Hair-a-tick – one with an unorthodox opinion)




Here are just a sample of questions contestants are asked which are a combination of asked prior to game show and/or questions in the categories below:

  • What’s an irrational want that you have? (should be kind of ridiculous – mine is “not having my thighs rub together, ever)
  • What’s your biggest fear? (not necessarily a phobia – mine is “Who will wipe my butt?”, obviously when I can’t do it myself anymore)
  • Do you have some “Tales of the Darkside” in your life? Tell us something that would shock your parents or your kids about you.
  • Do you get physically ill from your job? When do the symptoms occur?
  • What have you done at every job you had? What is the common denominator? (ie: I tried to make co-workers laugh, I always promoted exercise and taught exercise on the side, a side hustle)
  • What DON’T you think people care about? In your life? Childhood?
  • Who do you think are special? What kind of people are special to you?
  • Visualization exercises and other participatory exercises for contestants too




Fun  Story Short Categories:

Category #1: Get Truth-Slapped!

asshole, truth slapped, fun story short game show, nobodys listening show










Category #2: What’s your Menopause Afro?

Menopause Afro – metaphor for guest/contestants (Fun Story Short game) that represents something that’s changed on their body (outside) that they’ve come to accept and found some good use for it over time. For them to name it.


Menopause Afro, naturally curly hair, fun story short










Category #3:  What’s YOUR Irrational Want?

What about your body would you like to change. No really. We want you to be irrational about it.


irrational want, thinner thighs, fun story short











Category #4:  What’s your biggest fear?

To admit that I worry about who will wipe my butt, is not easy. Your turn…


your biggest fear, who will wipe my butt, fun story short











Category #5:  Animals OR Children?

Today, I choose animals.

When I tell people I don’t like kids. They usually laugh a little. I smile back. But soon they realize that I’m not kidding. Don’t get me wrong. I love giving out candy on Halloween and I love babies laughing, it’s just I do what I want and I can’t leave kids home alone or in the car. And they always want something.


I do have one grown child and he turned out O.K. Actually he turned out GREAT! I’ll admit I wasn’t very maternal. My body will never be the same again. I only needed to experience childbirth one time.


My son is very independent. Thank me for that. He was making his own dinner and snacks in the microwave at 7. This was at the time microwaves were so big, he could’ve fit inside the microwave AND if you had a pace maker you couldn’t go near one AND they also caused brain cancer.

Don’t call me to babysit. It will always be a “No”.


animals or children, fun story short, nobodys listening show










Category #6:  Common Denominator

You should find what you easily and commonly do among all of your work AND play. Identify it and embrace it. You’ll feel so much better about yourself!



fun story short, nobodys listening show,, change careers from nursing










As a potential guest/contestant:  You are asked to answer questions in a timed manner from the category you land on.


You are sent general “your story” questions before your live appearance.  According to your answers, you will be given a date best appropriate for the host and co-host.



If you want to be a guest/contestant on our game show, Fun Story Short, please go to www.FunStoryShort, scroll to the bottom of the page and answer some fun questions. You will not automatically be added to our email list just because you want to be a guest/contestant.

OR contact me this way… but it probably will take longer to get a response…

My personal email is loriminkyradcliffe at gmail dot com


We are still getting the rules of the game together…

Flying by the seat of our pants!!!





In the mean time, listen in, you may get your inspiration for your next gig from us! Eavesdrop on us for planning and creating our new game!


Officially launching game show, Fun Story Short in the Fall of 2017. (Remember Nobody’s Listening, so you’re safe!)

Mondays, 8:30pm EST, beginning October 30th, 2017!

You must be on Minky’s list (opt in above) to get the live link of future shows!