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Hunger PangPang Diet




Hunger Pang Pang Diet, Exercise Your Personal Freedom to Love YOUR Diet, lose 30 lbs., Minky







Hunger PangPang, personal liberty diet


















Bodybuilder Minky

Me, Minky, in 1981. I was off to college and started bodybuilding.











Here’s a extra gift, an ALDI food list I use to maintain my weight loss.



Here is our 1 diet named CCRAN. (Calorie Cycling & Restriction, Adequate Nutrition) Feeling Good & Personal Freedom are the foundations for  The Hunger PangPang Diet.

Do you want the help of Pang Pang to lose weight?

JOIN the crew – The cost – Is your time!!!



***Do NOT try this, especially this HPP Diet, or any other diet and exercise plan without prior discussion about it with your physician and/or qualified healthcare professional***



Here’s a part of the Hunger PangPang diet plan:










Hunger PangPang (HPP Plan) – 30 Lb. weight loss – PangPang is an active pug. But he is notorious for plopping down whenever and wherever he wants when he’s tired and done. NO real warning. Just plop and he transforms into a stubborn mule (an ass!) Then you have to carry him.
He likes to eat a lot at one sitting. Sometimes even once a day, then maybe a small snack. He often shows his displeasure to being hungry between meals by doing this:


This Plan is for you who finds yourself too busy to eat regularly and have some issues with your blood sugars dropping down, (self-inflicted hypogycemia ==> I just made that up.) You are usually past-famished and then over stuff yourself, and then you feel sick. Because of your busy, crazy schedule, you are physiologically, not emotionally, “hungry all the time”.




The Hunger PangPang Diet is based in 9 CCRAN Principles.

CCRAN stands for:

Calorie Cycling & Restriction Adequate Nutrition – (ie: Cycling and Restriction can come in many ways) Below are the 9 general CCRAN Principles that apply to me & the Hunger PangPang Diet:


  1. Be a rule breaker! Stand for something! Personal Freedom! Like – #1 rule breaker: Don’t Exercise 2 Lose Weight! (DE2LW), exercise for any other reason EXCEPT that one! OR how about not eating a certain type of food or walking for “causes” once a month. Do something you really believe in, even if it means it’s against a “played-out” socially, politically correct rule. Try breaking a long standing one that all your family, friends and co-workers feel differently than you do. (ie: Like enjoying ALL fats and skipping breakfast) (notice the beach sign below. The photo was taken in August)rulebreakerpug2
  2. Increase vitamins A & D (naturally preferred) We get vitamin A from liver and vitamin D from the sun (summer), winter up the dairy, sardines, cod liver oil.
  3. Switch cooking oils (even olive oil) to cooking with coconut oil and/or unsalted butter. We don’t cook with olive oil, but use it in salad dressings.
  4. We are breakfast skippers & food jaggers. No eating of carbs until 3 hours after rising. One exception – if you cannot wait 3 hours, at the one and a half hour mark, after rising, you can have a small protein/fat snack. (ie: hard boiled egg, 2 tbsp. of cottage cheese, turkey or beef jerky, 2 tbsp. tuna, coffee w/ heavy cream (no sugar), slice of lunch meat or ½ a hot dog (cooked). Food Jagging – Like when we were kids, we eat the same foods, prepared a certain way for days. Makes for less stress and helps us “desensitize” cravings for foods and cement other habits because “less thinking” is involved. It’s something less that you don’t have to think about. For example think of all the choices of meals & then answering questions all week long about, “What’s for lunch, dinner, etc?” and how stressful that can be. Food jagging helps to eliminate that stress.
  5. No exercise on Mondays. Don’t exercise to lose weight. Exercise MOST days of the week. Goal ==> no injuries; so you’ll do more and you’ll enjoy the way you feel. Besides Monday is heart attack. I know from personal experience. Very hurtful and ironic.
  6. Balance is bunk. Let go of the stress of trying to be balanced. What are you actually trying to balance? Nothing ever happens in the middle, things happen on the edge.
  7. Sleep for dinner.
  8. Should have a “crutch” when needed. Identify it and when you’ll probably need it and why.
  9. Don’t encourage saboteurs. Don’t tell everyone. Or rather don’t tell anyone. Lie about why you are or aren’t eating certain things… since people notice and will inquire. Especially when you’re getting smaller.


NO! They are NOT dead! They are lounging FAT pugs. It’s a family trait! This is PangPang!

PangPang loves to lounge like his momma sometimes...

PangPang loves to lounge like his momma sometimes…



This is PangPang. He is only 2 months old. See! He was born that way!



3 fat pugs

Pang Pang’s momma, Lady.

Pug-panting cardio below:
Here’s an example of pug-panting cardio (above).




I guess it’ll never be finished, right?