A Story Listener & another Professional Misfit from the Nobody's Listening Show play a game "FUN STORY SHORT" with YOU, who NEVER wants to feel stupid again after saying, "LONG Story Short", when telling your rambling story to someone you want to impress.

Write/call The NLS to be a contestant! MONDAYS – 8:30pm EST Launches Fall 2017.

Nobody’s Listening Show Schedule

a sloppy,unfocused mess production, Hunger PangPang

The Nobody’s Listening Show is an entertaining talk show based on the benefits of laughing & listening; being fit & strong and story telling/listening. We have a brief conversation on a weight loss/exercise pet peeves. Sometimes we talk Personal Liberty, Beauty, Fat Pugs & Currents Events. Our feature (2nd) segment is called, “FUN STORY SHORT”. A game  hosted by me, Minky (A sit-down comedian, heretical character and Story Listener) & my other professional misfit, Foxy. (who is a great inspiration and validator!)

Yep, I’ve gone to the dogs! I’ve decided to not only listen to my FAB 1, but to my pug, PangPang as well! I include my Fab 1 in my quest to help people (usually older, professional, who follows the rules, etc. and who feel dissed, ignored, stepped-over and are tired of “keeping quiet”) to stop wasting their time whining and to –  SAY WHAT YOU MEAN – to change your boring, drab story, to explore your OTHER skills. To have some fun with yourself!  


It’s time to express YOUR personal freedom(s)!

Let’s build some strength, while POSSIBLY enduring body aches, yet aging BETTER & creating your own beauty SECRETS, telling us current events and for you to have FUN and LAUGH more!!!


There is a way to “brag” about yourself without people leaving the cafeteria when they see you coming. Eavesdrop on us and find out how…

Minky and the fat pug, PangPang, on air









“You are the sum of the 5 people you spend time with.” ~Jim Rohn 





**WARNING – The Nobody’s Listening Show…” Is NOT for people under 18 or sensitive people. Swearing does occur. And so does political incorrectness.** 

Live episodes on Mondays @ 8:30pm EST. (see below)


Have fun, lose weight (or not), feel empowered and





(The NL Show is only 45-50 minutes long. 15 minutes Pet Peeve segment, then 30-35 minutes is for “Fun Story Short” game)

Laugh, Listen, Learn and Laugh again at this Sloppy, Unfocused Mess! (S.U.M.)


Mondays, beginning Fall 2017.  October 30th, 2017

8:30pm EST; 5:30pm PST

A Live show. Which is actually a parody in the character of “Minky” who engages in conversation between other professional misfits on their OTHER skills, personal liberty, kid lovers, dog lovers, lovers of being beautiful, diet & dreams!

These are stories and hacks on how to lose weight and zip your pants again, may help you get your story straight, don’t knock it until you try it – (sometime while dealing with fat pugs).


Want to be a guest/contestant on the show?



If not…
To watch it (we send a live link via email) or listen in (eavesdrop) – Just call in from any phone and put in the phone code. (also sent the day of the show)



This is not a pre-recorded podcast on I-Tunes. So you don’t have to “find” the episodes and we don’t care if you “rate us” on I-Tunes. Just call in and listen, laugh a little and lose a little, and maybe even learn a little. But we also upload some episodes to Sound Cloud if you want to listen to recordings. And sometimes we post recording here as audio posts, check to the right for last posts.














Minky – Lori ‘Minky’ Radcliffe is “Minky” a Heretic, Sit Down Comedian and believer in personal liberty & will help you Zip Your Pants Again. Owner of fat pug Pang Pang. 



We have decided to dedicate a portion of the 1st segment of the NL Show to this following problem:

Are you over weight (up to 30 lbs.)? Maybe you don’t want to get back to your high school weight or when first married, before you had kids, when you had “time” to workout, etc. You just want to zip your pants again.



We’ve (my Fab 1 and I) spent years trying to figure out the best and simplest ways to improve. We discuss some of these Pet Peeves in the 1st segment of the NL Show:

  • Your boring long story that causes people to want to excuse themselves when you start talking
  • Your relationship with your food & your emotions
  • Your exercise by mimicking your life
  • Your need to no longer want large portions of food
  • Being comfortable in your “shade” of skin
  • Your chances of a flatter stomach (women No FUPWA & men No Dicky-Do)
  • No need to diet anymore. (We’ve been on so, so many diets)
  • Trimming down your thick thighs (some)
  • Your personal freedom, independence and self-confidence
  • Your ability to exercise less and for the right reasons, less injury too
  • Your maintenance of your 30 lb. or less weight loss
  • Sex (if you care about that)
  • Through supplements and surgery. We sometimes even will mention surgery (for some people it’s necessary and is best for them)
  • Doing the best exercise ever





Show Schedule:
The 45-50 min. set up:

The Nobody’s Listening Show Outline:

I. Introduction, Disclaimer & Warning by me, Minky, the Host, of the show, my Co-Host and our topic and mention our sponsor(s)! (One important warning is the phrase, “Nobody’s Listening, so What The Fuck?!” will be said on the regular, throughout the shows. So if the word “Fuck” offends you… you know what to do.)

II.I’ll drink to that!– At times, during the show, that the host(s) and guest toasts a glass of our favorite drink {coffee, wine, tea, water, etc.} to whenever we like a current event topic, a joke or a tip during the conversation.

III. Hello fellow professional misfit Humorous Banter about the week. (~15 min.) – what’s the “10 lbs. in a 5 lb. bag” pet peeve and why (small talk, disagreements about people’s inability to check themselves & how to simply fix weight loss & exercise issues.)

IV. Fun Story Short (CLICK HERE for more details) (~30-35 min.) Our new game designed to help professional people who have a boring, long story create a NEW fun story short, while possibly winning some validation. (All while laughing!!!)

Guest/contestants spin the wheel for the 6 Categories:

#1 – Truth-Slapped
#2 – Menopause Afro
#3 – Irrational Want
#4 – Biggest Fear
#5 – Animals or Children?
#6 – Common Denominator



Warning – this game segment of the show (FSS) is NOT for everybody who has a story, we do more than “edit” your story. It is designed for those professional freelancers, side hustlers and who work at home, who have skills outside of what people around them know. They are looking to tell someone about their story. We’re lonely, so why not tell us. We’ll provide you with a release and with validation of your hidden talents!

Nor is the NL Show pet peeve segment for anyone who wants to lose weight. In the conversations, we don’t mince our words. Swearing does, will occur. We believe that most people are funny. We just have more nerve. And that all weight loss has a mental component.


And since we are older than we look in these photos, we tend to have an attitude about “something new” in fitness and really can’t stand when a 24 y.o. asks one of us if we’ve ever heard of plyometrics or intermittent fasting. But why be rude? We usually just smile and say, “We’ve dreamt about it once or twice”. 


Another Warning – political incorrectness will occur.



We sometimes make reference to diet & fitness shit (tips) some that happened in the 80’s; so if you were born in the 80’s, you might want to do more productive things with your time on Mondays at 8:30pm (EST). We give young people grief… sorry; not sorry.



{My friend’s neighbor’s daughter just out of college, community college, 2 years or so, told me at a barbecue that she’s a ‘life coach’. I knew I didn’t hear her right so I said, “Oh, how did you get a job at a ‘lighthouse’?

She said, “No, not lighthouse, I’m a life coach.”

She works from her computer in her parent’s den and tells, (oh sorry), coaches people on how to live life and explore/find their passion.

Who?! What the F?!

Who is paying this 24 y.o. to be their “life coach”? 

You’re right. I am pissed. I’m jealous. I’m a hater. I hate this person.

I then lost my appetite, walked away and lost 3 more lbs.}


My son is almost 30 y.o.

I can’t.





Anyway back to the show stuff…

During the 1st segment, “10 Lbs. in a 5 Lb. Bag” pet peeve segment…

We usually give a Fix the FUPWA & No Dicky tip.

Called the N2K tip. Here’s what Navel 2 Knuckle (N2K) area looks like:






If you want a A 30lb. weight loss or less it fixes the FUPWA…


Here’s a F.U.P.W.A.


F.U.P.W.A. (Fat Underlying Pussy Willow Attachment)













Here’s a NO F.U.P.W.A.



No F.U.P.W.A.

No F.U.P.W.A.










If you’re a man and you want a 30lb. weight loss or less, it fixes a developing Dicky-do…


A Dicky-do

Man with a Dicky-Do.

Man with a Dicky-Do.












“It’s when your stomach sticks out further than your Dicky-do”




So why not Eaves drop in on us?  Every Monday, 8:30pm EST! If you are on Minky’s e-mail list you will get the live link.  Opt in – above to the right column.


Listen. Laugh. Relax. Lose some weight too.

Launches Fall 2017! October 30th, 2017!