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Step Your Way to Thunder Thighs

Step Your Way to Thunder Thighs – 

(Warning! If your knees are bigger than your thighs OR you love your big thighs as they are or want bigger thighs –


But if you want thinner thighs, you want to trim down your thighs… then read on…


This subject matter is just one of many topics my Bro and I discuss on our new show.














One day many years ago, I was working as an ‘Elite Personal Trainer’ (seriously that was my title), at an exclusive high end club, people paid $150-$300 a month for membership, when I noticed a middle-aged woman on a new machine we had.


The machine, I forgot the name of it, mimicked the leg motion of what a speed skater (ice) would do.


I was at the PT desk (right next to this machine), doing some paper work and I noticed the woman breathing heavy and going hard. She was on that machine for about 35 minutes.


I couldn’t help but to keep raising my head looking up at her as she worked out.


As she got off the machine, she walked passed me, then stopped. She turned and asked me, “I noticed that you kept looking up at me. Was I doing that machine/exercise wrong?”


“No. You were doing it right.” I replied. “But, may I ask why you’re on that machine any way?” (I knew why, but I wanted to hear it from her)


“Well”, she said rather matter-of-factly, “As you can see I have a tendency to have big thighs and I’m trying to trim them down. That machine works the thighs doesn’t it, ’cause that’s where I felt it!”


“Yes that machine definitely works the thighs. It mimics the motions of a speed skater on the ice. But I just have a couple questions for you. 1) Have you seen the Winter Olympics, with speed skater Bonnie Blair, who won a medal?”


“Yes. I love the Olympics!”, she said.


“And 2) Did you noticed how big her thighs were and are today?”


Her mouth fell open…


It was then she realized that she not only was eating more, therefore taking in too many calories, she was essentially making her big thighs bigger in the process. She realized now, why her clothes were getting tighter not looser. Her trainer told her not to worry about the scale since she was putting on muscle.  Well, her trainer was right about that!


You can see where I’m going with this…


I have been saying for years, if you are someone who has a tendency to build big thighs and ass, and you want to LOSE some weight or TRIM DOWN those thighs, my question to you is,

“Why are you doing repeated thigh bulking, step aerobics, spinning, plyometrics, squat jumps onto boxes (maybe cross fit) and repeated lunges and squatting (deep) and pulsing?… All in the same week?”


Yes, spot reducing is a fallacy… but spot building is possible! I see women, who desperately want to trim down their thighs, do WAY too much hip and knee flexion/extension for what they want their body to look like. (And don’t get me started when I see these women using the “adductor machine” with weights.)


If you told the trainer that you want to trim down your thighs and this trainer takes you to this adductor machine, especially in your “complimentary” training session, never hire them. Send me an email, I’ll tell you what to do instead.


Don’t get me wrong squatting and doing lunges are very functional moves. And doing some of this is good. But not 6 days a week and not always past a 90 degree angle in your knees when you have a tendency to build big thighs but you want a trimmer thigh look.


So if you want to trim your thighs – stop doing so much step aerobics and spinning classes. Instead of 6 times a week, do each one time a week. Remember the other body pump class and/or butt and gut class you take too. Except for a class or two per week, you should not exercise in the gym, more than 35 minutes each time you’re there. Do some full-body, resistance training-circuit training and walk the treadmill for relaxation and some calorie burn and accept that’s what it’s for, for you. Keep in mind, stress (cortisol surges) you create worrying about working out and working out too hard, work against you too.


And MOST important in this weight gain/weight loss rollercoaster, you absolutely must know your “magic caloric number”. Don’t be fooled into thinking that calories don’t matter.  


I ask you these questions:


What do you want to accomplish?

Do you want to fit into certain pants?

Do you want to get fit?

Do you want to get smaller?

Do you want to lose weight?

Do you want to train for a competitive event (even if the competition is your personal best)?


Did you know?

  • You don’t have to exercise to lose weight.
  • If you are 45-55 y.o. and female, this is a very challenging time to lose weight. But it’s not impossible.
  • Also, you MUST individualize your eating and exercise rituals.
  • Being on certain medications fight your efforts to lose weight.
  • Men who lose inches in their belly, gain inches some where else.
  • Previous injury limits your success (subconsciously) too.
  • Mondays are heart attack day.
  • Muscles are cabinet space for your food.
  • Losing large amounts of weight is commendable BUT – At a certain point of calorie restriction, your body fights your weight loss (hunger hormone & hormones rule) and wants to get back to the weight you started at (set-point theory) and then some. (what to do to avoid this) 
  • Certain exercise makes you hungrier
  • Some people do well with support; some do not (which are you?)
  • Weight maintenance is really “weight cycling” (gaining 10, losing 8; gaining 20, losing 22…) and CCRAN specializes in stopping this.
  • 30lbs. is a lot of weight. Just enough to work hard at and get visible and feel good results; but not so much that your body starts cascading back to obesity* like those Biggest Loser contestants.

These are the types of topics we will discuss on our call-in show. I hope you will CALL-IN and listen, laugh and learn something to help your 30lb. or less weight loss and help you to “zip your pants” again!

*If you have more than 30lbs. you want to lose, please consider all the other qualified people out there who can help you. There are many!






C.C.R.A.N. and the end of the weight gain-diet rollercoaster

C.C.R.A.N. and the end of the weight gain / diet rollercoaster










I was at a graduation party this past weekend and I didn’t eat much. So when it was announced that the “desserts” were ready… I just had to look.


I had no guilt about having a piece or two of different desserts from this smorgasboard of 12 types of desserts.


As I get my piece of cheesecake, the man standing next to me goes for the fresh fruit. I said, “Wow there’s a lot to choose from”.


He said, “Yeah, but I have to refrain. I’m on what’s called the ‘Paleo Diet’, ever heard of it? And I can only have fruit, no cakes, pies, cookies, brownies, etc…”


I didn’t have the heart to tell him, I was on it (Paleo Diet) about 7 years ago.  I just said, “Yeah, I guess there were no funnel cakes or cheesecake in Paleolithic time…”


What happened next is what makes me crazy…


He preceded to proudly load up his plate/large bowl with about 4 or 5 ladel size spoonfuls of fruit, I kid you not. (Don’t get me wrong fresh fruit is great. And I realize that for some people if they have just a bite of chocolate cake… it’s like their “food crack” and it’s all over. All kinds of hormones surge and they can’t stop until they have cake coming out of their ears.
But that’s precisely my point… don’t you want control over that? How long can you keep eating fresh fruit instead of a taste of chocolate cake?


All I could think when he was loading his plate of with a bowling ball size of fruit was, for goodness sake, why don’t you just have a cookie or a scoop of ice cream.


I try to imagine how big his stomach had to expand to accommodate all that fruit. Nevermind what he had already ate for dinner.


He had no idea of his calorie intake or even cared for that matter.


All that mattered was that he was on “The Paleo Diet” and all he could eat from the dessert table was fruit. But did he have to eat all of it?


I wonder how long he will last on this diet because if he’s taking in more calories than he burns, it doesn’t matter what diet he’s on… he won’t lose weight… right?!


Then it’s bye, bye diet.


Hello weight gain.


The dreaded diet rollercoaster.


That’s why I LOVE C.C.R.A.N. (Calorie Cycling & Restriction Adequate Nutrition)


It doesn’t feel like a diet. It’s a combination of restricting calories, I like to call it “intermittent eating”, and just when I start to feel like the restriction is effecting my daily duties (like no energy to exercise, mentally not focusing, tiredness and irritability), I cycle my calories and eat more. I eat what I want. But that doesn’t mean I eat like it’s my last meal either. I know my body.


The food is usually adequately nourishing. Sometimes it’s very healthy and other times it’s shit. But I am never gluttonous.


I managed to keep my 30lb. weightloss off for over a year now (after years of being up and down on the weight gain / diet rollercoaster) AND I never feel like I am on a diet! WOOHOO!
(You can check out my weight gain and weight loss pics HERE.)


You can do this too. You need a lifestyle eating/exercise plan for you… NOT just a diet. We can help you discover your “diet lifestyle/exercise plan”.


CCRAN is a lifestyle.


Paleo Diet is a temporary diet (for most people).


They can’t wait to have pancakes or pasta!!!


I also have a secret weapon.
You have to find yours. For some it’s a personal trainer or surgery or a competition or a pill or prayer.  This is very personal and I believe we all need some help, especially in the beginning of doing something.


Now you may have started and lost and gained many pounds on diets before (in my case up to 30lbs.), but I want you to look at this as something new to you, your new beginning, in that your intention is to lose up to 30lbs. and KEEP IT OFF! That’s it.


You’re learning how to keep it off, before you actually lose it.


Crazy, I know.


Get off that weight gain – diet rollercoaster and check out how to become a CCRANNY by CLICKING HERE.







(Minky, Your 30lb. Weightloss Coach) 

Salt, Sugar, Fat Addiction? Really?

For years I couldn’t wrap my mind around people saying that they were or are addicted to food.

How can you be addicted to something that your body needs to survive.

It’s like saying if you hyperventilate a lot; stop breathing oxygen.

Then I looked at how I was able to lose a lot of weight in a short amount of time.

I ate salt, I absolutely will cook with salt, especially vegetables.

I ate sugar. I baked a cake. I had some red licorice.

I definitely ate fat. I used to be a member of Weston A. Price and delivered raw milk to people. Need I say more. At times I had up to a 50% fat diet. But weight a minute Minky – pull out that diary for those 30 days last summer and in recent months…

You know what, I didn’t have as much fat.  I didn’t have as much “junk” (shelf foods) either.

But I still had salt, sugar and fat the “hardwired trifecta” for the pleasure centers of your brain. Could it be that I had these foodstuffs in their, for lack of better words, more pure form?

Could it be the chemicals in the boxed shelf products? I think so… Check out this video. The food companies spend millions to get the salt, sugar, fat trifecta just right! Like crack, if you hit the pipe once and then empty out your bank account, you’re a crack addict and can never smoke it. What food(s) is your crack? :
Since salt, sugar and fat is in most foods, now I see why people call it a “food addiction”. But you still have to identify what makes you eat more.

Here’s a list to start with (I’m sure you know many more):

  • Bags and boxes of salty snacks (like cheese doodles, barbecue potato chips, Doritos. What may help is having triscuit crackers with something on them. I usually have sardines and small pieces of jalepeno cheese to satify my salt craving from time to time.
  • Bags and boxes of cookies and Tandy cakes (like double-stuff oreos, Butterscotch Krimpets, chocolate chip) I have almond cookies or cookies with nuts in them. No more than 2. This satisfies my sweet craving. Rarely, I will have 2-3 pieces of Australian red/black licorice. The black licorice make you poop. Just a FYI warning.

I have been doing C.R.A.N. for almost 6 months now, and I use exercise as a tool to help me stay within my “magic number”, so it is not as difficult for me to stop eating “crap”. I get full very quickly and will not stuff myself.

Nonetheless, I have a new appreciation for those of you who say you have a “Food Addiction”. I believe you now.

I still feel one of the best ways to not eat your “food crack” is to stay away from it. It’s time to try Living the CRAN Lifestyle… become a CRANNY! 🙂

Lose 30 lbs in 30 Days & Thick to Thinner Thighs











Lose 30 Lbs in 30 Days?

Yeah right?! I know.

Snake oil.

I agree it is snake oil for most people.

But for some people like me, when all the moons lined up perfectly, I did lose 27 lbs. in 30 days. (30 lbs. in 30 days sounds better, don’t you think?)


I’m just an aging Boomer hack who’s sporting a 2-pack and credits nursing home food.


My “irrational want” is to NOT have my thighs rub together. Today my thighs don’t rub together. What’s your “irrational want”? (Something about your body’s appearance/shape you think could never happen but is what you really want.)

I give you some tips on this audio if you want your thick thighs to be thinner.

Also please consider joining The CCRAN Club.


I mention some unhealthy and healthy hacks during my Laughter Diet performance below:

I did it.  Want to know how? Listen in above.






I Luv Lunks


I luv lunks.






I love looking at their bodies.

I love their muscles.

I love watching how they train.

I always have since I can remember and I always will.

I love to hear the “bro-science”.

But what I don’t love is the big muscles on me.

Well, not anymore. Not my legs, my thighs, anymore.

After years of gymnastics, sprinting (hurdling), competitive bodybuilding, I know what it’s like to “naturally” have the propensity to build muscular, big thighs.

When you are muscular and have a low body fat and are in your 20’s or you just have a low body fat regardless of what your age is, your muscles look good in the glistening sun. I like that look. I like to look at that look.

But that look is not for me anymore.

My days of squatting, lunging, plyo-anything and anything with “Russian” attached to it are over.


And my joints thank me.


Are there any other “mesomorph types” who put on muscle easy, who can bulk up easy, who were former gymnasts, sprinters, bodybuilders (serious), who want to rid themselves of the massiveness of their thighs and not be so muscle-bound and “thick” today?

Because today, you aren’t maintaining the unsustainable very low body fat levels like when you were younger and you’re not training 20 hours or more a week, your legs are starting you look like tree trunks.


Don’t you want to try skinny jeans? Be honest.


Remember what you did to get those tight, muscular thighs? Remember after doing such an intense leg workout, your legs would feel like they didn’t belong to you?

You wondered if you could even drive home, because your legs were so fatigued. Your thighs felt like jelly, yet they also felt like they weighed 1,000 lbs. each to move them.

Then you looked up, as you exit the gym and see these…


Thank Goodness! A movable escalator!

Oh wait. It’s broke. The escalator going up is broken.

So, you have to climb them manually…














You could just lie down right there at the bottom of the broken escalator and spend the night 🙂

I used to love that feeling; but not any more…

I don’t want big thighs, I call “thunder thighs” any more.

I want to feel/look good in my clothes.

Don’t you?

I don’t want my thighs to rub together.

I am a spectator of muscle-boundness now.

Not a participant any more.

I like to watch the lunks.

And did I mention I like to hear them grunt.

I’ve taken my seat at the spectator table when I’m working my upper body.


If you want big thighs. Good. I’m happy for you. May I look at your legs?



If you’re thinking like me and you don’t want that growing thigh look any more – consider joining me and my own little world of trimness and losing 30Lbs.



In my little world, I help those like me who want to

make their thick thighs thinner and not rub together.


In this thinner thigh world of mine, (we all have 30 lbs to lose… no more than that please) and we care more about how we look in clothes, than naked.

Yes looking good naked is great, but here’s my (our) philosophy on that:


Let’s face it, unless you’re working a pole, the people or person you want to attract to you, sees you with clothes on first. And has to like what they see with you in your clothes.

And thunder thighs, without the low body fat and Olympic-style training, in my opinion, don’t look that great in clothes.

You’re always pulling down your shorts from in-between your legs and from riding up your crotch when you walk.

I hate that.



If you opt in to the upper right, you can get my bonus complimentary chapter, “Fix the FUPWA”. This is not for softees.

In it, is a section on “Lose 30 Lbs. in 30 Days. I Did It. Want to Know How?”, I mention some techniques to avoid building your already big thighs.

Also if you click on The Laughter Diet above you can see more of my philosophy and outline of the “diet”.


Now if you want big thighs, don’t opt in. Read another cross-fit blog and enjoy your legs.


Meanwhile, I’m off to my gym, that I love. Not your ordinary gym.


I pay a decent amount of money for the men (only men trainers there) to push me hard during my workouts, but not my legs. I REFUSE to do certain exercises. Not only do I have arthritis, osteo-arthritis from abusing my body when I was a younger athlete and now later in life, rheumatoid arthritis is showing it’s ugly head.

Also, I know the look I want. I sacrificed things to trim my once very muscular thighs. And I’m not going to build them up again, while in pain.

You have to decide what you want your body to look like and then decide if you are committed and willing to do what it takes to get that look.

Don’t be pressured to do what’s popular. For example – I know Cross fit is popular right now. But I don’t want a cross-fit body.

Do you?

These guys who put me through a good workout at the gym, want to stay in business and keep their customers happy. We get along great. We understand and respect each other.


So for back to my thighs, I do special exercises – called the “No thunder thigh” exercises.

The lunks at my gym are nice to look at and also nice to work with. I don’t tell any of them my fitness background and training. I like to hear their advice and their sometimes wacky ways of getting in shape.


(Oh, I grew up around a lot of men. So, I’m not sensitive to their yelling, sweating, sometimes crudeness and hearing deficits. That’s why I think I had a problem when I worked with women in nursing. No seriously. Too much estrogen. Nurses are great with patients; not so much with each other.)



So, there are some lunks at my gym.

They are serious when it comes to working out. They are funny and nice and approachable when the work out is over.


And I’ll be watching them.


Lunk on!

P.S. This is why I don’t go to the purple planet place. ‘Cause Lunks aren’t allowed.


Think Inside YOUR Box Is Better Advice

Ever heard the saying,

“Think Outside the Box”? Of course you have.

But what if this is all wrong and you should do the opposite yet add something very effective. In other words, “Think Inside YOUR Box”… and Grow It!











According to Harry Beckwith, author of You, Inc., you don’t need to “think outside the box”.

Mr. Beckwith says that the message doesn’t work because the box, your box really, is your way of thinking, working and living and in many cases has worked for you. He says it is the box in which you were born. And you can’t change your box; it’s like changing the shape of your head.

Your box describes you and your uniqueness and it’s what you’ve been operating out of for years.

So, don’t try to think out of your box; it’s too hard. He says instead, grow it.

In other words try new things, bring new things into the box, experiment for sure, but don’t try to be someone or something you’re just not.

Don’t change your thinking; change your box by bringing in new things to it.

Grow a bigger box. (p. 49, You, Inc., Harry Beckwith)

This happened to me just last week. I was asked to participate in a tele-summit, my first one. When I saw the title and all the different kind of speakers, I thought as long as I’m able to do me and deliver what I know will help others the best way I know how, I’m going to “grow my box” and participate.








Click the link above to join me and join us!

Here is your opportunity.  I am joining 21 experts on this upcoming summit, The Second It Clicks.  Focus on the Benefits of Life’s Difficulties and Lead a Radiant Life with a Smile!


I know it’s difficult to lose weight.


But once you hear me put certain things about fitness & diet into perspective, you’ll feel much better and you’ll have a smile about losing weight.


I’m performing my “Lose 30Lbs. in 30 Days. I Did It. Want to Know How?” Act from “The Laughter Diet”. You also can get my free gifts, including a bonus, “Fix the FUPWA” chapter.


Hurry up and sign up, it starts April 11th!


Till next time,


Take a chance and be available to be on someone’s teles-summit and grow your box too!




How A Nurse Made $92,571 With Her Wellness Program

That’s the title of the email I received earlier today.


I knew it was about Rochele Lawson.
See, I met Rochele a few years ago (in Las Vegas) at a “Speak-to-Sell” event with the great Lisa Sasevich. I wish I had taken a picture with Rochele, I didn’t.

But I remember our conversation.

What struck me the most about Rochele (The Queen of Feeling Fabulous), was that she was so serene and content with herself. She was easy to talk to and there wasn’t a competitive bone in her body. (Unlike other nurses at nurse events, I must say. But this wasn’t a “nurse” event for credit hours or evidenced-based theories and a bunch of initials. It was an event like no other I had attended. People were happy, successful and sharing their stories of finding and monetizing what they were good at or became good at executing.)

Hell, I didn’t even know she was a nurse until I kept talking about myself being one.

Nursing didn’t “define” Rochele. It was a part of her skill set as was helping people with improving their health and wellness. She was so good at the latter and got clear on her offer that she made a bunch of money doing something she loved.  Bye, bye trauma nursing and working the night shift.

See (short video) her story below:


I am getting no monies for this promotion. And, as a Fitness Nurse Consultant, I only work with nurses with a fitness hustle or want to create a fitness hustle to make money in the fitness & diet space; but I felt compelled to share Rochelle’s story with you and also remind you about Lisa Sasevich. I have photos of her on my Facebook Page too, if you want to see from the last “Speak-to-Sell” in Tampa.

I’ve fallen and I CAN get up



I’ve fallen and I CAN get up! 


PangPang always “freezes” after he falls. Then he does get up!













How many times have you feared falling down?

Maybe never if your 3 or 4 years old or a dog,

’cause you don’t have far to go to the ground.


He just wants someone to rub his belly… Then he gets up.













But if you are upright and over a certain age, you fear falling more often. Like when it snows, when it’s icy or there’s no hand rail. Or wearing pumps / dress shoes on a shiny linoleum floor.

The humorous audio below discusses the “bogus of balance” that everyone (most everyone) believes in, how my father falls and always gets up (he says, “I just go with it and NOT try to stop myself”) and your STW (Short Term Win) exercise to improve your navel to knuckle (N2K) area  this week. Remember to do all your exercises with your insertion and don’t forget the bedroom and bathroom exercises too. (I call your “homework” exercises.)

As always, please see a physician or other qualified health professional prior to doing this or any diet or exercise program.

If you laugh, let’s hope it’s without leaks. Enjoy!…

#3 “I’ve Fallen and I CAN Get Up!”:

Fat burning foods vs Fat making foods

Fat-Burning vs. Fat-Making Foods


Staples from my kitchen… As far as I’m concerned they’re all “Fat-Burning” because I don’t over eat and I have muscle that I use vigorously a few times a week. You can too.













What’s the difference?

The difference is NOT in the foods!

That’s right… not in the food.

The difference is in your metabolism (hormones).

Whenever I hear/read fat-burning foods from anyone, I lose a little

respect for them, unless they are making a joke.

Fat-burning and food (eating) should not even be in the same sentence.

That’s the complete opposite of what food does.

We shouldn’t think of food as fat-making, but we eat for nourishment and energy. As long as our metabolism is working well and we don’t eat more than we need, then it’s really irrelevant if a food is fat-burning.

30 years ago, I learned that muscle was fat-burning, not food, never food. Oh, and NOT eating was fat-burning, muscle burning and dehydrating too. And I don’t think exercise physiology has changed that much in 30 years.


P.S. Of course in a very competitive weightloss, fat loss world, I realize that “Fat-Burning Food” is a marketing ploy. People sure don’t want to hear about fat-making foods, right? But as you already know, any food that’s more than your calorie requirement to maintain your current weight in 24 hours is “fat-making”. Even if it’s a lentil.


If you want to laugh & hear some fun tips on reducing your Navel to Knuckle area to help with your leaks (just by improving your posture), listen here it’s called


Enjoy! you can listen to more on the STW audio tab above and sign up for my list too!

Fake It Till I Make It. A Must for Body Transformation

“Fake it till you make it!” 



You’ve heard it before. I’d like to call it to “Act as if”.


"I'm so stressed! So many things I'm supposed to do. How do I start? Who am I supposed to be to get results? ...Ahhh screw it, I quit!"

“I’m so stressed! So many things I’m supposed to do. How do I start? Who am I supposed to be to get results? Be me? Be myself? Well that’s why I’m having the problem! …Ahhh screw it, I quit!”




Being a Heretic, my opinion will not be popular… ever.


But what I’ve read others, particularly on social media, write about is popular, the “Let’s all be authentic” pitch. Show the ‘real you’ and let others know who you are! Dammit!”



You’re sure to get the “knee jerk ‘like‘ reaction” on your feel good comment on social media. Or even comments on your blog that validates your plea to not “fake it till you make it” and not be someone else.


This all makes sense and sound good. Why would you try to be somebody you’re not?


…How about when you want to change your habits to transform your body?


It’s amazing how differently people see things…


I can only assume that when people are writing about not ‘faking it’, they’re talking about copying someone else’s “way” or style or even their work. Or maybe calling themselves something that they haven’t “earned”.  Oh boy…




… they have never ventured into the world of body transformation, either personally being successful at it or trying to help others with it [changing their bodies].


I tell my clients, often in the beginning, to “fake it till they make it” all the time.




Because they do not know who they are when they must live a different way to get the results they want.  It takes practice of rituals… daily.


In other words, they need to “visualize” their day, what they will do and what they want to look like. (a form of ‘faking it’)


Because they need to imagine pit bulls chasing them on my manual treadmill, with a very tight tread for 30-60 seconds. (a form of ‘faking it’)


Because they need to eat like a “thin” person. Be like someone who is not a “foodie” and could care less about having lunch. (form of ‘faking it’)


Because they want to build even a little anti-aging, fat-burning muscle and their body is saying, “Nooo! Stay in bed 30 more minutes you don’t have to get up and exercise… I’ve had guys say, ‘What would Arnold Schwarzenegger do?'” (a form of ‘faking it’)


Because they just joined an exercise class and don’t know the steps, they don’t quit and they… you guessed it… ‘fake it till they make it’. Nobody started out knowing what to do. (even with great instruction)


What about the “Be like Mike” campaign? A form of faking it?


How many of you still don’t know what you want to be when you grow up?


And your 47 y.o. 🙂

(Hey, I’m starting all over again. I changed my audience 2 months ago after 7 years of doing something I thought I wanted to do. But I didn’t “love” it. So, I’m inclusive in that question, plus I’m older than that too.)


Instead of calling it “faking it till you’re making it”, I like to call it to “act as if”.


Just like how people get their panties or boxers in a bunch when they feel judged, I like to call it discernment and everybody does it.  Expect it and get over it. If you say you don’t, I say you’re lying…


…We emulate people, especially in sports and entertainment and body transformation.


On the internet and social media, if you know who you ‘really’ are and how to express that without caring what people think, you are truly on your way. Other wise most people will “fake it till they make it”… because they are still figuring this out.


When I was determined to “zip my pants” again and NOT go up another size, and lost 20+ lbs. pretty quickly, I “acted as if” I was an “expert” on pre-diabetes and it worked for me.

People asked me, “How did you lose weight so fast?”, I said I became a “pre-diabetes expert” and meant it. (not saying that what I did would work for someone else, but if my clients ask me what I did and they do, I will tell them with that caveat… it’s anecdotal. But guess what? People don’t care. They want to know what I did… period)


You know who cares that I was calling myself a “pre-diabetes expert”? Someone who has 10 years experience in diabetes with all the initials to boot and is annoyed that people won’t seek them out because they are way more qualified.

(And way more boring too, probably using facts, fear and force to get their clients to change which we know never works. [I’ve written about this before] Diabetics are often the most non-compliant people.

I know my boundaries, I will refer people in a New York minute if they meet ACSM guidelines to do so and are more than I can handle. Besides my style is “I don’t play that non-compliance shit”. Been doing this way too long. If you don’t do what we agreed would work for you and you would try, then I refer you to someone else too.)


Also, it’s like what I used to tell my Registered Dietitian friend,

“People who are exercising with a personal trainer, who can relate with that trainer and is getting results, is more likely to ask that weekend-trained personal trainer for their opinion on a personal diet, than to “look up” a strange, yet well-qualified, almost intimidating, Registered Dietitian.” That’s just human nature folks.


People who have lasting change continue to get results and come to you because they like you, and can relate to you… not because you were “referred” to them during/after their scary hospitalization or you’re on their insurance plan. Sure, they’ll show up; but will they really change once they leave your office?

When if comes to lifestyle diseases, statistically, probably not. Docs know this. That’s why we have medications and surgery.


Maybe if people would adopt a “fake it till you make it” mentality with someone they connect with, someone they want to please, they will have a better chance of building their self-confidence in doing so with multiple short term wins and then changing for good.


I don’t consider myself an entrepreneur, an analyst, a “creative” or even a healer.  I am a performer and even though when I get in front of people, talking about improving your “navel to your knuckle area” of your body, I am authentic in what I say and do, I often listen to & think of my idols and want to be like them when I’m speaking/teaching/entertaining. (I’m sometimes “faking it, till I’m making it” and “acting as if” with that too)



What’s wrong with that?


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