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3-Day Soup Detox and FUPWA Grab

Have you ever done a detox?

Sure you have.

What about with homemade soup? Your homemade soup.

This is what Natalie and I talk about in the last episode of the Nobody’s Listening Show.

Nat talks about how some women lost up to 5 lbs. in a day. But best of all, these women learn how to make something from scratch, call it theirs and be proud contributors to their own weight loss and health. There’s something real “feel good” about making and eating homemade soup, your homemade soup with all the ingredients to like and still lose weight fast!

In case you missed it here’s the link:

Yep, I went there. I had to start talking about the FUPWA. It’s bothers me almost as much as my thighs rubbing together.

What’s a FUPWA? (NOT FUPA)

Fat Underlying Pussy Willow Attachment.

I don’t see too many of these trees today, but I grew up around pussy willow trees. I used to put them in vases when I was a “housewife and young mother” and remarks were always made about, the “pussy willow” fur on the tree branches.

FUPWA, pussy willow, Hunger PangPang Diet, Nobodys Listening SHow



So I include the “willow” part as it relates to the hair women may have (some get rid of it) down below. Especially if you have a 1970’s bush down there.

This “willow” can add to the stuff that bulges out in the front of your crotch. You may “look like a dude” in your crotch area in certain clothes and positions.

Remember, “Can you pinch an inch?” from the “Special K” cereal ads?

Well, my question is “Can you pinch your FUPWA?” or rather, “Can you GRAB your FUPWA?” NOT grab your pussy like Trump did, but grab the front of your crotch area, the “mound” area. Need a visual? See photo below:

FUPWA grab, pussy grab, Fix The FUPWA





It’s an area of the body that’s like the bra strap area in your upper body, it’s very challenging to get rid of the excess. Diet is very important here yes, but so are some very specific exercises and when to exercise.

More to come. (also I help men be “done with the Dicky-Do” too) More on that later too.


The bad news to all of this is that if you have more than 30 or so lbs. to lose (30 lbs. is still a lot of weight), you probably won’t see the FUPWA go away until you get down closer to your “ideal” weight.

A couple of these exercises are in the new & revised Hunger PangPang Diet Start-up Check list. Get that by clicking the Hunger PangPang tab above.

Catch me, Minky with Cuzin Sherri – Monday, 3/13/17 on the Nobody’s Listening Show. We always talk fat pugs, but tonite we’ll also talk about being ignored once you turn a specific age, my 2 elixirs I take daily, eating tuna and being personally free, of course.

Ever feel ignored, dissed, looked over, disrespected? Especially when it comes to your ideas and when trying to get help to lose weight & exercise? Well, why not eaves drop on us? We listen to each other.

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