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Don’t Exercise 2 Lose Weight (DE2LW)

Exercise for any other reason except to lose weight! (A mindset shift, that’s all!)



Exercise for improved health, to be able to eat more, to get stronger, to compete in a sport, to just feel better, to build your thighs, do it for any other reason, except to lose weight! I believe that your mindset must change when and if you think, “I have to lose some weight, I need to start exercising!” … again.


DE2LW, Hunger Pang Pang, simply fit board

Hunger PangPang just sat still like a statue on this Simply Fit board. Many people will do this too. Buy equipment and gadgets, which BTW will work, but you have to start slowly and not put so much “stock” in the gadget or looking like the people in the product’s video/commercial.













Fitness Trainers and gyms are in the business to sell fitness. So they say more is better. They can’t say, “Don’t exercise right now or don’t sign up for our Cross Fit today because that’s doing too much too soon”. (Well sure they may tell you to start slow and ‘take it easy’, but it’s been my experience that in those types of classes, you still tend to do too much too soon {group pressure} and you’re likely to not return after a session or two.)



How do I know?

Because I lived in that world for many years. I’ve even taught/trained people to become certified personal trainers. And it was did… we taught exercise to lose weight through exercise classes, and to train folks like you keep at it so hard that some of you would even get addicted to it. The rest we’ll push exercise on you, like it was the “miracle pill”. Hey, I LOVE exercise and I believe it is the miracle pill… kind of. (My perspective is skewed some ’cause my mom dropped dead while on a treadmill in a gym)

Exercise was the common stable denominator in a lot of different diets and wacky programs I’ve tried over the years… But even today, I always “exercised in my mind”, to do it for other reasons, besides to lose weight!



Like to maintain my personal freedom.



That’s how I’m still exercising consistently today. I use these other reasons, (like it makes me feel good, I like shapely arms, etc.) besides weight loss, to do it. (Weight loss is just too narrow, too much pressure on results and encourages the “if 2 pills are good, 4 must be better” thinking, and people often over do it and then once hurt, can put a damper on personal freedom.)


In some instances this mentality works, but in my experience, NOT for exercise. This “2 is good, 4 must be better” mentality especially is troubling for people over 50 and those who haven’t really exercised “hard” before. You do not want to injure yourself. Healing takes time. I ask all people, “What would be the easiest thing to do after a work out?”, they said, “Recover”. So I told them to do that. Focus on the recovery if that’s a personal freedom of yours.


This is what happens when you start to really personalize your diet. You decide what you can relate to (what you like and will likely stick to). You create a “relate” statement of what you want to do. Would that make you feel good and feel personally free? It should. You can name your own personal freedom diet. For example here’s mine:



My personal freedom diet is The Hunger PangPang Diet, so far:

My “RELATE” statement – I can relate to eating bacon daily, walking daily, using the treadmill & Pilates circle ring, going to Planet Fagness only once a week for the purple candy, eating intermittently, no exercising no Mondays, restricting calories and talking shit once in a while with my 2-pack abs!

  1. Be a rule breaker – DE2Lw (I Don’t Exercise 2 Lose Weight)
  2. Focus on recovery which means (work out hard {volitional}=awesome recovery)
  3.  Creating my Winter Private Idaho (see Hunger PangPang Diet Start-up Check list for more, upper right box)
  4. My gruel is quinoa w/butter, heavy cream & erythitol (sometimes I add oatmeal) Nice in winter months.



If you want/need assistance with exercise it’s best to get help from someone who is like you. RELATE is number one in changing behavior. You must relate to the person helping you or you’re doomed from the start.



If you can relate to this so far and are ready to talk more about your very own personal freedom diet or you are interested in the Hunger PangPang Diet, please schedule a lively conversation session with me here:


No obligation at all.



For example, even if you’re 25, fit, with many degrees and certifications in fitness and have successful experience with clients: 

I still won’t hear a word you say if you’ve never had nor raised kids, worked years full-time (possibly at a job you hate) and have real bills (money stress), been in a meaningful relationship (had/have a significant other), have had a life change, stressful disease or injury (going through peri-menopause counts) and after a full day, begin a 2-hour commute in Jersey traffic, because that’s my world.


I want to know how you can help me in my world… not yours.  Yes, I do need to change, and you may be the “expert” but change will not occur (not long term any way) if I feel you cannot relate to me. Period.




Just like when a car salesman told me, “Oh you don’t want a stick shift”, after telling him that I wanted manual transmission, I walked out… you don’t want anyone telling you what you want and don’t want.

Yes, fitness trainers may have the expertise on how muscles work, but it all starts “between the ears” and if they aren’t hearing you, you’re not going to keep showing up.


Make it easy on the personal trainer, if that’s the route you want to take… when they ask you what are your “fitness/exercise goals”, (which BTW is such a fucked up question for the Aunt Mary’s and Uncle Joe’s of the world), you should answer, “I want to work off my stress” or “I want to build my upper body strength”, never ever mention to lose weight… see what happens.


You’ll be happier and feel more accomplished in your efforts. Focus on eating less and often (IF and this is a big “IF”, you are struggling with your blood sugars), otherwise you probably need to give your pancreas a rest.


BTW – Doing too much too soon is the #1 reason for dropping out of exercise!



That’s one of the topics we’ll talk about on the Nobody’s Listening Show!

Monday, 1/30/17, 8:30pm EST

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Remember what Pang Pang says:



Hunger PangPang, Simply Fit board, Nobody's Listening show, fat pugs








If you want to lose weight, up to 30 lbs, you should start with

The Hunger PangPang Diet Start-up Checklist. Here are the first 4 steps

#1 Ask yourself 3 questions

#2 Get your schedule together

#3 Create your gruel

#4 Create your own Private Idaho & exercise there

More in the HPP Checklist. Just click the link above!

Til next time,



The Unprofessional.me

The Unprofessional.me

I’ve been called a lot of things while working in the career I chose for the past (?) years.  I often wonder, “Why am I even on Linked-In anymore?” I can’t help myself.




Haven’t you heard about the lap top entrepreneur bed bug, called “Illdoanythingtonotgotothisdamnjobtoday” parasite.




It (the parasitic bug) comes out and bites you at night and sucks the mundane life out of you, while sleeping (but not soundly because of your stressful work) & you’re on the verge of night terrors right before the alarm goes off. You know in your heart that you really can’t stand what you’re currently doing and you have to stop or your actions are going end you up in court or worse.



Well anyway, the bug bit me. Now that I have this “I need to be free” condition, it has consumed me. My mundane, zombie-like life must end. I’m alive and free to be myself. AND – So, I authentically can’t be on Linked-In. I simply am not “professional” in this emergent state of personal freedom.

(So, is there really a point in writing in how many years I’ve worked in an industry? No one really cares. As soon as you hear or read, “I’ve been a ______ for 15, 20, 30 years”, you know it’s going to be something boring coming next or something with so much professional jargon, you wonder how it is relevant to you.

Too bad, ’cause now that I’m older, I feel that my years of work and life don’t matter either. My 18-25 y.o. students sure don’t get my stories/jokes any more. They think I’m crazy ’cause I laugh at my own jokes. I don’t give a fuck anymore. I value myself and respect other people for valuing their self.)





So now, finally, I am going to listen to people who repeatedly said things over the years to let me know.


Then, it also hit me, finally, I realized I was wrong in thinking it was them who were f*cked up, then I realized, Hey, it’s really me. It’s NOT them. Damn.

Here are some comments made to me over the years:

  1. “Nice smile”
  2. “You said… you do what?”
  3. “That’s so unprofessional”
  4. “That’s disturbing”
  5. “You don’t know how to talk to people”
  6. “You’re too funny (and bad), you’re in the wrong profession!”
  7. “You should get out before you kill somebody”
  8. “If you want ‘personal freedom’ why are you working here and doing this?”
  9. “How did you get that job?!”


Besides the “nice smile” comments, many people knew that I didn’t belong in that profession. Especially those folks I worked with directly. Should I apologize for my lack of professionalism because I was in the wrong profession?



O.K. I’m sorry. Well, not really…



I remember watching a late, late night comedy special called, “Comics Unleashed” with host, Byron Allen one night and a comic on the show was asked a question by the host.



Byron Allen:  So (I forget the comic’s name), I hear you used to be a nurse. Why did you stop nursing and become a comedian?
Comedian:  I guess I stopped caring about my patients.  (There was laughter…)



When I heard that, I immediately had a rush of warmth through my veins and I perked up and said, “That’s me! That’s exactly how I feel!”  I wanted to kiss this man/comedian through the t.v. I thought… he did it, why can’t I?




I can listen to this You Tube video and piece from HBO with Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, Louis CK, and Ricky Gervais, again and again. But that would be it. 2 or 3 times is enough. Clearly though in my very busy life, if I have time to watch this hour piece 3 times it’s better than good!

Here it is, if you want to “get” me…


I feel so at home with these men. I am not offended in the least. I miss Joan Rivers. She was never offended, really.


Anyway my phone friendly landing page is below, there’s more info there and easier to read to…


I can: www.nobodyslistening.wtf   (Visit to see what’s up now!)




Back to my story…


Why can’t I just stop doing what I don’t like and do what I originally did right out of college 30 years ago. That’s right I did stand-up comedy in the 1980’s.
No political correctness. No guilt. No shame. Just laughs and of course, hecklers.


Today my jokes from the 80’s won’t work so good. But I notice I still make people laugh or they get offended. In comedy, that’s not so bad. My humor and jokes/stories definitely work best for older folks and those people who have opinions and aren’t afraid to express them. People who have “a set” and have lived a little. I often will use self-deprecating humor too, to show I’m fucked-up like most people represented in my jokes.

Growacet, for those easily offended or can't take a joke, unprofessional.me










I am getting out and moving on. I’m looking forward to going back to my original love… comedy. Doing it and writing it. And making a change.



This time around however, I am seated at the mic; not standing. So I created a heretical, comical persona, Minky, and call myself a sit down comedian.
A heretic is one with an unorthodox opinion.

Some of Minky’s heretical opinions:

  • I am a proud UN-hyphenated American & support Libertarian values
  • Candy ruins your appetite. Exactly!
  • Don’t exercise to lose weight (DE2LW) (Exercise for any other reason, except that!)
  • Show me how to lose weight in my world; not yours.
  • With relationships, start out how you want to end up. (Another way of saying, “don’t start something you can’t finish”)
  • I LOVE the game of football. (No, not just a fan of a particular team, a winning team, or the “Super Bowl”, but I know & love the actual game. All levels – Pee wee, High School, College, etc. Will you watch any football game during “Game of Thrones”? How about during “The Bachelor”? or do you follow the NFL & ESPN on Twitter? Right… that’s what I thought) Other ladies who love the game, know what I mean!
  • My motto, “The only thing low-fat in my kitchen is ME!”
  • You’re NOT a “Jeep kind of a gal”, if you can’t drive a stick shift.
  • Kids are germ magnets. (I don’t like kids)
  • I LOVE licorice! Red & Black.
  • Balance, “life balance” is bunk. Counter-balancing is what we do best.
  • I yearn for “Personal Freedom“. It has to be in everything I do… Including the diet I choose to eat and the exercise I choose to do. (My personal freedom diet is called, the Hunger PangPang Diet. Get yours!)
  • No apologies when not necessary.
  • Nobody cares that you’ve worked somewhere 30 years. Getting old and  being experienced is NOT valued by others, so value yourself. Don’t rely on others for value. Today if you have lots of “likes” and “followers”, yet don’t know your ass from your mouth, some people feel validated. (flea market mentality, I get it though)
  • Know yourself. Be yourself. Love yourself.
  • There are no healthy people. Just people trying to get healthier.
  • I can’t stand it when folks want diversity; yet at the same time, they want “sameness” and not to be seen as different.
  • There is a time to be serious; but most times not.
  • Do need to exercise to build your thighs. (If you want thunder thighs. Thunder Thighs look good on some people, like “the Rock”, a young Arnold Schwarzenegger, even Serena Williams. But not on me.)
  • No exercise on Mondays.
  • Everybody judges. Yes – even you. So get over it. As soon as you say, “I don’t judge.” I know that you most certainly do. If it makes you feel any better, call it “discernment”. It’s normal. It’s human nature. It’s self-preservation. If you want to quote the Bible, do me a favor and quote the whole “judgement quote”, not just the first part that makes you feel “holier” than thou.
  • Regardless of their political views – I LOVE the Jerry Springer show, Snoop Dogg, Ice-T, Ice Cube, Lady GaGa, Martha Stewart & Vanna White
  • Transferring job skills don’t always work. Just because you can get someone to get out of bed after surgery (in your comfort zone), does NOT mean you can sell a coaching program for $497 over the phone or in person over someone’s kitchen table (not in your comfort zone) It’s again all about you and how you feel about your ability to share your passion and make an offer. Selling takes practice, rejection, risk and more practice.
  • “Incongruency” (not being aligned with who you are and your beliefs) stresses you more than you will ever know.
  • Can’t burn fat on your ass, when you have food in your stomach.
  • You have to enjoy laughing. Or you can’t be around me.
  • People eat too fucking much.
  • You can instantly improve you face… smile. (fake it if necessary)
  • “I have an ‘I don’t give a fuck’ attitude. I’m NOT indifferent, on the contrary, I am comfortable with being different. ‘Shrugging your shoulders’ is indifferent. Staring failure in the face and showing it your middle finger back at it is saying, ‘I don’t give a fuck!’. Is being different.”**
  • I love Pilates because of how it makes me feel. If you want to learn beginning Pilates exercises, I’ll help you. For free. (that’s heretical)
  • Many times I like dogs better than people. They are loyal and sincere. And they don’t care that you blame them for farting.
  • Even though I don’t like kids, laughing babies are hilarious to me!
  • And in the spirit of TRUE HERESY…
    I am Black AND I support Trump. I’ve always liked Donald Trump. Here at the Jersey Shore (NYC tv Stations), Donald Trump has always been in the news. No surprises here. Let the reality show begin.


More on MINKY, my persona CLICK HERE


If these opinions make me “unprofessional” then that’s what I am, I guess.  Like I asked early in this post, “Why am I still on Linked-In?” I purposely will NOT post this piece on that “professional” site. So if it makes it’s way there, it wasn’t by me, the author. Hey Linked-In/Social Media police … You can’t control Social Media!

Here’s some of my heretical articles I keep and refer to often:


I’m an UNprofessional and proud of it!




The Nobody’s Listening Show starts Monday, January 9th, 2017, at 8:30pm EST. My first co-host is Nat, The exercise expert.

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