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How to get kicked out of a Facebook Group quickly

How many Facebook (FB) groups are you in?

No, I mean really are involved with? 1, 2 or more? Well up until recently I was involved in 3 groups. Now only 2.

After the Superbowl, things got a little slow, so I decided to become more active in all 3 groups at the same time.





Group #1 is a “killer group”. The administrator’s attitude is “bring it!” The rules… he has none. People in the group know common courtesy and are not so thin-skinned that you have to worry about stating criticism(s) and/or giving some one a “kick in the ass” motivation rant. I really am loving this group. It’s mostly fitness professionals, but all kind of business folks there. Strong, knowledgeable, “I want to help you succeed” folks. I just had a thread going with a male member about having “balls” in marketing. We weren’t always in agreement, but we respected each other’s voice and are now “friends” on FB.

He openly stated the name of his company/business, so that would be a promotion, everybody congratulated him on him success, they weren’t threatened by it. (And it had the abbreviated word f*ck in the title, so it’s not for everybody’s taste… and that’s what makes the group more than great!)




Group#2 is a fine group. There are some rules and I feel kind of like I have to walk on “egg shells” some because some of the members (even though they are business folks) are a little too sensitive for my taste. But not all of them.

I test the group by adding a comment related to the post and try to follow the instructions and then see how I am perceived or responded to at all. There are repetitive posts and in my opinion, the administrator doesn’t get into the groups pain as much as she should. She plays it safe. I know it’s a double-edge sword. Diving into people’s pain can come off as “salesy” or “not caring”; but at the same time, you will never fully, deeply connect with people either if you don’t use it. This connection is what makes them ACT! When I posted to this group, I stayed on the topic and posted where I should. I even asked a question. Not much interaction. O.K. I wonder how many of the people in this group belong to other groups just to “belong”.

Belonging to more than 2 FB groups is a waste of time.




Group #3 is was a fine group. Yep, this is the group I was kicked out of. I hadn’t posted in this group, I think ever. I wanted to become more involved here too. Well this FB group was a fitness group for women over a certain age. My age, so I joined.

The mistake I made was to offer my opinion to a fellow member asking for advice:




FB group fitness comment








(Insert my fav Andy Rooney quote, “Only give advice in 2 situations, one – when it’s life or death or two –  when it’s asked for.”) I believe it was “asked for”…





Here’s my response:

FB group fitness response









We went on

FB Fitness Group response











Given my history, I even thought I’d give my 2-cents on Diastasis Recti:


FB fitness group, diactasis recti









And this is what I got for my troubles:

FB fitness group, administrators response







Why didn’t she give her some “real” advice?


Instead she showed insecurity, that she doesn’t know everything and never learned that the principles of diet, fitness and weight loss have always been the same. (What changes are hormonal involvement, age and mental capacity) I know this because it is acquired in years, beyond more than a weekend certification and a couple of Shape magazines.


Hey it’s her group right? If I want to do things my way, then why don’t I start my own damn group?! Right?




Well, I will. I have learned from these 3 FB group administrators. And I will not have a sanctimonious attitude, “I’m over 50 with a weekend certification, (but I have thousands of Twitter followers, which validates me) I eat and exercise this boring way, I look great, so do what I do because my shit is factual.”

Gimme a break. (BTW, I am jealous of all the Twitter followers 🙂 )



But my membership club will be a group for all those who believe in personal freedom in diet and weight loss. You must relate to your own personal plan and who is helping you too or you will NOT be successful long term. Aren’t you tired of being ignored, feeling dissed, not listened to and NOT given “real” advice when asked for it.



Get the respect you deserve!!!



My exciting group will also be a membership group that you pay for. Yep, only about $25.00 a month membership. I’ve got a lot of work to do! But it WILL be fun and not like an ordinary FB fitness group that only promotes the administrator’s lame weight loss plan and where no one can offer any advice. Yes, doing Zumba 2X a week and lifting weights 2X to build your midsection and increase those thunder thighs when you’re not happy with it, you dread it, doesn’t make you feel good AND not the results you want, is lame. Especially lame if you sit all day and think/believe that this exercising compensates for the  cumulative effect of 12 hours of sitting day after day.




To begin to turn all that around you need/deserve a personal freedom plan.

Start with relating to what you like to do and be around. It could be solitude. Start with relating then build on that.  Do you even relate to the person’s philosophy on how to lose weight? Do you even know what it is? You should.



I will only invite folks from my very small list and listeners of the Nobody’s Listening Show.  Join the list above right and get my personal freedom diet, The Hunger PangPang Diet. More information about the membership group to follow!

Nat and Minky co-host the Nobody’s Listening Show from last week’s show 2/6/17. We definitely jumped on this “FB group booted out thing”.

If you want to listen to a conversation about this do so here:



Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

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