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Offered $1000 to find my replacement

About 2 weeks ago I was offered $1000 to find my replacement.

Yep, I was offered the money for “temporary me” to find a “permanent me”.

Oh no, no, no, no, I’m not upset.

It’s what I do.

I Freelance. I get paid through contracts. Big and small for the work I do.

I’m a Freelancer. Side Hustler. Work-from-Homer.

I am NOT an Entrepreneur. (More on that later)

I am also NOT a recruiter. Maybe $1000 isn’t much for you. Maybe you work in the tech industry and you can demand higher rates. All you need is an internet connection and a screen and you’re in business. But for me, in my specialized work, giving ‘temporary me’ incentive to find my replacement, was a plus.

Some of you might do it for nothing. You consider yourself a “connector” and would do it for free. You’re probably not a freelancer and you’re probably in a “stable, secure job”.


Since I was hired to fill in for another Instructor (temporary), I know to always be working on new gigs and how I will get paid in the future. I also work on things I love to do. For example, one of my gigs is teaching Pilates to adults with autism. (one on one, not group)


This client obviously is having a very hard time finding an Instructor in the very specific market. So they have asked me to assist them in their search. (BTW – I do not want the full-time job)

The doctor said this:

“We are desperate. Please help us. I’ll give you $1000. Ask around your circles, ask your friends!”


That’s when I “hit a wall”.


I didn’t have the heart/guts to tell the doctor that “I have no friends”.
Now, don’t feel pity for me. I designed it that way. But I must admit there are days, I regret the design.


[A “friend” to me is someone you can call at 2am or who will lend you $200 or someone I would spend the weekend with. They typically are NOT co-workers (But they can be. Be careful if you tell too much to co-workers)
They (friends) definitely are NOT people I click a button and connect with on social media. Yes, it’s because my generation did not grow up on computers, it’s hard to change. (When you grow up with something you’re more trusting of it, I get that. But I grew up with “I’ll meet you at such and such a place” and we met face to face or at a minimum phone to phone – talking and finding the words that impressed people.)

I feel just because a computer site tells you how many “friends” you do or don’t have, is not a reason to determine your emotional state, mood nor validity as a person. It’s about trust, right?

I can like you and you can like me, we’re being polite and interested, but until we TALK to one another, all bets are off you being my friend. So, I have created my own lack of friends (by my own definition). I think this is why I like to listen to talk radio, it’s live and the emotions/opinions are real from the callers.]


Earning this $1000 finder’s fee will take a little work on my part.


See, my work is quite lonely. When you decide to work like I do, move around from client to client and work from home/computer (most days) and not “stay put” at one place, you do not cultivate face-to-face deeper connection with folks. I may talk to people all day (can you relate) but still feel that I don’t know anybody, really or worse… no one knows me. Not the real me any way.

So, I started to get back into some social networks. Like LinkedIn. My reasons for being on LinkedIn today are different than being on LinkedIn years ago.

Sure collaboration on projects and hearing what’s new with professionals is still the same… but it’s my attitude about who I want to get to know that’s changed. It’s not a specific/type of profession I am looking to connect with. It’s a type of person.

Are you:

  • A freelancer
  • A side hustler
  • A work-from-homer

Do you consider yourself an entrepreneur? Just because I don’t consider myself one, does not mean you don’t. So, if you do, I’ll include you too, what the hell.

  • An entrepreneur


I am looking for the above who want to share their “other” story with us.

“Us” being me and my co-host. We’re so lonely at times it’s crippling. We decided to create a platform, a place for you to tell the “parts” of the story you haven’t really told anybody yet, well anybody you work with or live with because…

… well because you don’t want to seem “certifiable”. (Google it)


Especially if you’ve never really talked to anyone about “it” but are secretly learning about “it”, taking courses on “it”, etc. “It” has to get out of your head.



(ie: You’re a professional nurse who loves belly dancing. You want to dance at home parties or even teach other women the art of it. Do you really tell other stuffy, judgmental people around you, people you work with? When? At a staff meeting? During your 20-minute lunch? You’re probably thinking, “who cares?!” Or worse, how many times have you told co-workers that you were, in a sense, “getting out” and yet you still remain or even come back.)



So “it” still burns inside of you. It’s not what you do, it’s who you are. And that “it” may not matter to whom you work with, but it matters to us.


WE WANT TO KNOW! Try to shock us… we dare you!

Tell us. We will not laugh at you. But we will laugh with you. We know all about trying new things and seeking validation.

If you want to see most of the crazy shit I’ve done you can CLICK HERE.  I didn’t include everything – I left out some eye-opening things, like being a masseuse in my 20’s. (I didn’t have any formal training if you know what I mean. Sorry legit massage therapists, a girl, has to make a living.)


We (me and my co-host) want to help you get “it” out of your head and start communicating that part of your fabulous “fun” story to REAL people (us) by using words. Yes, you talking to us. Telling us is a fun way of  expressing your “other” skills that make you who you really are, not necessarily what you get paid for.


What we do is play a game. A game called Fun Story Short.

It’s a segment on the Nobody’s Listening Show.

Is your story dull? Does it read like a chronological list of your life, with all of your accolades and titles… Nice… BUT BORING! Be anything BUT BORING! Let us help you with the “fun part”. You’ll be glad you did and so will those folks you talk to about yourself in the future!


Back to the $1000 and no friends.

I’ve already called someone I met at a conference, not a friend, but a colleague, an acquaintance. I offered her $200 to help me.


She did. I will make $800 and get the gratitude of that client.



What’s a better day than Halloween to introduce to you how you can “be that someone else” even for a little while, while having some fun.

You can be anonymous. You can keep us guessing by your clues or you may just want a release and some validation.

But remember you’re mostly there to help me and my co-host not feel so lonely in our freelance world. Won’t you play along?


We did a “soft launch” last night. No promo. We made a lot of mistakes but that’s O.K. There’s Nobody Listening anyway. That’s the way we like it.


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