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How A Nurse Made $92,571 With Her Wellness Program

That’s the title of the email I received earlier today.


I knew it was about Rochele Lawson.
See, I met Rochele a few years ago (in Las Vegas) at a “Speak-to-Sell” event with the great Lisa Sasevich. I wish I had taken a picture with Rochele, I didn’t.

But I remember our conversation.

What struck me the most about Rochele (The Queen of Feeling Fabulous), was that she was so serene and content with herself. She was easy to talk to and there wasn’t a competitive bone in her body. (Unlike other nurses at nurse events, I must say. But this wasn’t a “nurse” event for credit hours or evidenced-based theories and a bunch of initials. It was an event like no other I had attended. People were happy, successful and sharing their stories of finding and monetizing what they were good at or became good at executing.)

Hell, I didn’t even know she was a nurse until I kept talking about myself being one.

Nursing didn’t “define” Rochele. It was a part of her skill set as was helping people with improving their health and wellness. She was so good at the latter and got clear on her offer that she made a bunch of money doing something she loved.  Bye, bye trauma nursing and working the night shift.

See (short video) her story below:



I am getting no monies for this promotion. And, as a Fitness Nurse Consultant, I only work with nurses with a fitness hustle or want to create a fitness hustle to make money in the fitness & diet space; but I felt compelled to share Rochelle’s story with you and also remind you about Lisa Sasevich. I have photos of her on my Facebook Page too, if you want to see from the last “Speak-to-Sell” in Tampa.

Nurses interested in Fitness and Diet don’t fall for this

O.K., I’m back in New Jersey.

Here’s a piece for nurses interested in making money and an impact in the fitness & diet space.

Speak to Sell LIVE in Tampa (10/15-10/17/2015) was great! And I have new pics with me and the great Lisa Sasevich (The Queen Of Sales Conversion and Creator of the Invisible Close)


O.K. here’s an updated pic here (in case you don’t want to look back at the last post):











This wasn’t my first rodeo with Lisa and I can’t believe how much more I learned. I’m actually going to deliver an “irresistible” offer in my comedy act! And make Lisa proud! How about THAT?!



As I was introducing my brother to Twitter, I was on SM more than usual and I noticed not one but 3 quotes from “experienced nurses” in business for themselves (mostly within nursing, services all for contact hours, not for me- some are doing well, some aren’t), about how nurses can do ANYTHING. (Just because they are a nurse).


One nurse said, “Nurses are great at learning new things, just point us in the right direction and we’ll figure it out“. That’s one of the major problems for nurses new to business or in business. Nurses feel like they don’t need to invest or learn anything outside of nursing and want to compare it to nursing duties, and they’ll just “figure out” the rest. A disservice to me.


Another nurse (who I really admire) but wrote, “We’re even good salespeople. Every time you have to convince a patient to adhere or follow up on some tests, you’re selling!”


Really.  That’s the same thing?!


When a patient is in the hospital in pain, scared, upset, embarrassed, feeling alone and at the mercy of the hospital staff, how much effort would it take to get a patient to adhere in your presence. Even if it took skill on the part of the nurse, the patient is at a disadvantage always, and will likely never say “no”.



NOT, NOT, NOT the same at all as asking for someone to turn over their hard earned cash in a conversation or from the stage for your service or product.



[That’s why nurses interested in fitness & diet should focus on building lists with education-based and authority-based marketing.  NOT SO MUCH SOCIAL MEDIA, some, but do not put your all your business eggs in the SM basket because it’s easy. Look at what other fitness and diet gurus are doing NOT other nurses. One thing I see that works against nurses in business (outside of nursing) is that they want to help everyone.  Because in nursing, even when in a specialty unit, you don’t get to pick your patients and you help everyone who’s given to you.  This is just the opposite in your fitness & diet business.]



Nursing (the industry) is so against selling; that you’ll never sell from the stage at a nursing event. It’s not allowed. Now I realize that you can get other things like names and contact info that’s just as, if not more valuable; most nurses don’t or won’t do this.  They walk away from the talk with a lot of praise and thank-you’s and $500-$1,000 for speaking.  Minus expenses.



A no thank you for me any more.



I’m all for a rah, rah session and positive talk, but let’s get real… unless you’ve done sales (with plenty of rejection), cold calls (some), generate leads, have a script and can sell one-on-one and from the stage/ teleseminar/webinar in your past life, (you don’t learn this in nursing school), then you’re not making any money in your “business”.


Now you may be the exception.


I believe personalities are what they are regardless of your “work”. If I was cleaning hotel rooms, I would still be trying to sell things to people on the fly or at an event or on the phone.  I just happen to be a nurse (not typical though).



I’ve just seen it too many times when it comes to sales and selling.  Nurses fall flat on their faces. This is where I draw the line.

When I work with a nurse who is sure they want to get into the fitness and diet space; I ask you about your sales experience and won’t count the times you got someone to “do something” in the hospital. Nursing experiences are varied, but let’s talk about your life experiences too. Outside of nursing.



I won’t bullshit you.  Fitness professionals will eat you alive. And they don’t care that you are a nurse.  Your potential clients in this space want results, not resumes, not long-term anything and definitely NOT prevention.



Nurses, admit that you need sales training.

Like the training I get with Lisa Sasevich. She teaches you how to sell without being salesy, pushy or mushy. I invested time, money and effort to learn from the master. (she made 25 million last year).

[That’s why when someone of her caliber, laughed out loud at my new idea and my new company, LMAO Consulting… you run with it!!!]

Her previous jobs before her business boomed – she was a pharmaceutical sales rep (how many of you cringed when you had to deal with them), she also worked in sales for Hewlett-Packard and for a seminar company. But look where it got her today.  She’s a master of it.  Smooth as silk.  It takes practice.  You’ll only get great at sales by selling. Period.


Follow sales experts on Twitter like Jeffrey Gitomer and Wendy Weiss and others. Stop worrying about the initials and more and more education that you may not need if you want to make money, and make a difference outside of nursing.  The initials don’t guarantee anything… sales practice and sales conversions do.



Here’s a quote from Napoleon Hill:

“General knowledge, no matter how great in quantity or variety it may be, is of but little use in the accumulation of money.”



If you want to keep going to school and keep getting a variety of certifications, great.   I’m not talking to you.


If you say you’re not in it for the money you just want to help people, great.  I’m not talking to you.


If you want to leave nursing and replace and grow your income to work in the fitness and diet space and make an impact there (which requires money)… GREAT – I’M TALKING TO YOU.


If you want to talk with me about finding your target market in fitness & diet, generating leads and sales conversations, or just where to start; you can do so at your 15-minute discovery session here:





Oh, in case you missed it, here’s my fitness model brother (50ish) posing and showing off before our photo shoot:



This is a gymnastics move. Called a planche. My brother was a gymnast when he was a kid. This is very difficult. He makes it look easy. The exercises in our book WILL NOT include these “show off” moves.












Another gymnastics move. The "L seat". My bro still has it!

Another gymnastics move. The “L seat”. My bro still has it!













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Sales Nuggets and Speak to Sell Live with Lisa Sasevich

Well it’s time for me to update my photo with the great Lisa Sasevich!

Lisa and Lori. She's "the Queen of Sales Conversion and the Invisible Close" and I'm, "The Joking Fitness Nurse" See a trend here. Call yourself by what you do, so people can tell other people about you easily.

Lisa and Lori. She’s “the Queen of Sales Conversion and the Invisible Close” and I’m, “The Joking Fitness Nurse” See a trend here. Call yourself by what you do, so people can tell other people about you easily.





It’s been a couple of years since this photo was taken. I can’t wait to see her live again!






I plan to learn how to do something I don’t think anybody has done before with Lisa’s mentoring. I’ll tell you how it turns out when I return from Tampa.

This year's Speak-to-Sell Live with Lisa Sasevich is where I'm putting together something that's never been tried before. I hope to make Lisa proud!

This year’s Speak-to-Sell Live with Lisa Sasevich is where I’m putting together something that’s never been tried before. I hope to make Lisa proud!















I just love Lisa’s way.  I know she’s kind of untouchable – but I’ve always felt her authenticity and love the way she is. I think she’s brilliant (and knows how to make that money!)

Since going through my re-brand, and brand new LMAO Consulting venture, I thought I’d post some of Lisa’s wisdom and a link for you to join us on her backstage pass (fr*ee), if you can’t make it live and be with us.


Here’s her tips to plan your business like a 7-figure pro:

  1. Listen, Act, Trust. This is Lisa’s mantra, which she practices all year long. Lessons and messages are everywhere, so you want to notice what things keep showing up.
  2. What would you love to NOT do anymore? What do you want to let go in your business? You shouldn’t try to do everything.  [Some things need to be done and can be hired out to someone else and other things, you just shouldn’t do just because they are the “new” thing. Master a few things, the things you like, excel at those, stop doing the rest (what you hate) all by yourself.] italics mine
  3. Use the four Irresistible Offer Litmus Test Questions: Apply this litmus test to your planning process to your irresistible offer and creating a solid 6 and 7-figure business:
    What is the transformation you want to offer? You’re always evolving and growing, so take time to look at what’s in your heart.
    How would you deliver that transformation? Don’t make the mistake and think about the delivery first without know your transformation that you provide. Then, take your lifestyle and which delivery model best serves the transformation you are working to provide
    Is is leveraged? There are so many hours in the day. If you are going to eventually get to 6 and 7 figures, you need an offer that works with more than one person at a time. I do a hybrid model of private VIP days, comedy act (group, live), and teleseminars.
    Do “I Love It?” This is what you ask yourself. This is key. You want to be doing something that you love. “Standing on your dime”, is something Lisa always says when you’re doing the “right thing you’re supposed to do” and you know it, you feel it! You’re not fulfilling what somebody else says that you should do or what you think you’re supposed to do because that’s what you degree is in or that’s what your industry expects of you.  (if you don’t love it… get out of it!)
  4. Bonus tip – Give yourself some space. Don’t try to plan your big future on a sticky note. Open up a wall, a large table and give yourself some physical space to plan the business & life of your dreams!

I can’t wait to get there and also to see my fitness model brother; who’s writing the “No Dicky-Do Diet” book with me.  I’ll be doing a photo shoot with him too while I’m down there in Tampa.


Here’s the link to your Complimentary Speak-to-Sell Backstage pass to Lisa’s event GRAB YOUR PASS HERE


I hope you’ll see me in the audience, over 350 people “agents of change” (Lisa likes to say), will be there!







Fitness Nurse Heretic & Promoter meets Lisa Sasevich

This is an old entry of a couple of years ago.

But because of the new changes I have made I felt compelled to resurface it.

Why?  Because it was from theis experience, from Lisa’s lips to my ears, the advice that I decided to take and ride:

“Lori, don’t change your act; change your audience.”

So instead of talking to nurses interested in fitness and self-employment; my new audience are broken, under-appreciated nurses who need and want to improve their own bodies/health and “fix” themselves; so they can better serve others in what they KNOW THEY CAN DO…help other people “at-risk” too. (And they can make some income in the process, they are hungrier!)


Yes, I met the great Lisa Sasevich.  Those of you who are saying, “Who is Lisa Sasevich?”  That’s coming.

First, I need your nursing assessment skills.  Can you please tell me what you think this is?  ( I know what it is now, just want you to put on your nursing cap)

These red, itchy bumps started to appear randomly, as soon as landed in Las Vegas...

If you thought, “hives” then you answered correctly my friend.
  • That morning before I left for the airport, I didn’t yet confirm with the ‘dog nanny’ to watch our beloved Pang Pang pug.
  • That morning before I left for the airport, I took an assignment to test some students in North Jersey (crazy traffic near Rutger’s U). I thought it would take a few hours.  The very first student took an hour and 20 minutes to test… oh boy.  Will I make my flight?  Security at Newark is atrocious.  What shoes should I wear?  Can I take a bottle of aspirin, can I take my vitamins on the plane? Should I just check my bag to be safe?  Too many questions rolling through my head!
  • That morning before I left for the airport, I was having trouble communicating with the driver of the car that was taking me to the airport, bad cell phone connection.
  • I wasn’t done packing.
  • I’m on a hormone rollercoaster. (lack of sleep, edgy, heart palpitations)
  • I’ve been to Las Vegas a couple of times before, but this time was different… I was going there to meet one of my mentors in a big way, by myself.
  • I thought of all the other reasons/ways I could spend this money on.
  • But underneath all this chaos going on internally… I knew that I had to do this for YOU… not just me.  I had to get more and more clear and get this infomation and share it with you so you can further your gift of fitness nursing to your tribe (that I’ll show you how to develop).
  • After rushing through the airport, waiting in security lines and finally boarding our late plane, I exhaled as I sat down in my seat and realized that I was alone.  Meaning the one person who I would’ve called at least 7-8 times by now, in my craziness, my mother, was gone… again.  But I had to do this.  Because I want to do this.  I knew that it was going to be o.k., but I still had that ‘knot’ in my tummy that never really left until I got back in Jersey.
  • Back to the hives.  All of this led up to me breaking out in hives.  (luckily none on my face!) I’m still breaking out today as I write this, but much better.  It was my nerves.  I stepped way out of my comfort zone… so much so, I broke out in hives!  But it didn’t kill me and I’d do it again, if the opportunity came up again.  I know that I can handle it.  What I did is what very few people do… ACT!  And it was well worth it – I was so thrilled to meet Lisa Sasevich as you will see below.  I also made some great connections from all the other ‘agents of change’ who were there… ‘doing’ instead of ‘wishing’.  It was an awesome experience, hives and all!:

    Lisa and Lori. She's "The Queen of Sales Conversion and The Invisible Close" and I'm, "The Promoter of Fitness Nurse Consultants" See a trend here. Call yourself by what you do, so people can tell other people about you easily.

There’s so much to write about Lisa Sasevich.  Please go to LisaSasevich.com to read, listen, watch her in action, you’ll be glad you did.

Visit www.FreelanceNursePros.com for more information.

Yours in Fitness & Nursing,

(732) 620-2193