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Jack of All Trades, Master of What?

Remember the saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none”.


Of course you have.


I never liked that saying because it hit too close to home.



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Even in my college years (a long time ago, the 80’s), I did so many things at once. I was on an Athletic Training scholarship, (traveled with athletic teams, division 1, I might add). I did stand-up comedy at local comedy clubs. I competed in women’s bodybuilding competitions, when to school full time and worked at various odd jobs.



So I was good at fixing situations when people got physically hurt, under pressure to win, a war zone, especially lacrosse games!



I made people laugh.



I worked out hard and dieted like you don’t want to know, (experienced dieter & knew how to build muscle). I was a mediocre student “B- or C+”.



And I learned how to sell… some.



I was told back then by people I “worked for” , “You’re kind of a ‘Jack of All Trades’ aren’t you?”



How about you? Did you start off your “work life” with doing many things? Some things you, of course, did better than others. But all of them were good enough, even better than good enough, to get paid and get recognition for your work. Yet, you never just did one thing nor just got paid for one thing.



See, I’m not talking about hobbies.



Hobbies don’t pay the rent/mortgage and other bills.



These were jobs that you had to have some skill at doing. You had and still do have numerous skills. You may even have more initials than your name itself. You should be proud, but why aren’t you as happy as you thought you’d be?



Like me, you could never work for one company for 20, even 30 years. I know those days are gone today, but if you’re near my age or older, you know what I mean.



We were considered job-hoppers.



Like homeless without a home. The “job” defined you. So if you weren’t at a place of employment for a while, you were considered “high-risk”.



But now, you’re done. You really want to find what you’re really good at and try to get paid for what that is. It’s something that comes out naturally in everything you do. Something you know so well, you don’t have to practice. This is should be what you’re charging for in your world of “skills” and what you have “mastered”. It’s not necessarily connected to you initials, but maybe.



In my fun story short, I write about my last 10 years living as a zombie. 10 years since my mom died suddenly on a treadmill. And all the “gigs” I had since then that were so stressful, I hated and wasn’t alive really. For 10 years.



My mom used to always say, “Lori, you’re like manure in a garden… you’re spread out every where. People smell the surface shit and you get their attention. They come to ignore the strong scent and appreciate what you do and then the beautiful outcome.”


What you have to do first is look at what is/was the common denominator in all the work you do. Surprisingly, it’s often where you don’t have extensive training. It’s something you’ve done all of you life, but have suppressed it because it wasn’t realistic or you’re afraid to tell anybody in the “teacher’s lounge” about it.  “You want to do what? That’s heresy!”


You can’t take the randomness of working at different places and creating different titles anymore.



(Do you know at one point I had 6 CV’s (Curriculum Vitae) that I used, to get certain, specific jobs.)


What am I good at? Apparently getting jobs. People would say to me, “How’d you get THAT job?!”



I would just smile. Because there was always “a story” how I got it. That’s for another post.



Getting a job to me is like losing weight. Losing the weight (getting the job) part is not that difficult. You probably have lost many, many pounds in your life time. Keeping it off (keeping the job, like making it my career) was always the hard part.


(And I don’t have adult A.D.D., O.K.? I can sit in a lounge chair for hours and do nothing too.)



Are you seeing what I’m good at doing? My common denominator in all my positions? From stand-up comedy to competitive body building to health/fitness education & professional nursing in my community. I did one thing all my life that people seemed to enjoy.


I told stories. I made people laugh.



Yes, I’m a “Jack of All Trades” and Master of none Story telling.



That’s all.

Time to pull it all together. Takes courage for sure.



What about you? What are you really the Master of? Are you ready to find your common denominator & get your story straight?



When you are congruent with who you are, how you feel and the actions you take – you are worth a million bucks!!!