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Minky the Mock Coach

Hi. I’m Minky.

Minky, The Mock Coach is the title. That’s right. I play a “fake” coach on my talk and game show.

Being a “fake” coach I have a no-holds-barred approach to helping new coaches find their Fun Story Short, to be yourself and inspire folks. I also help folks lose 30 lbs. or less.

Here are my example values and strategies. They may represent what you shouldn’t do as a professional coach. Like for example, I demand my clients have certain things and feel a certain way before we agree to work together. But remember, I am not a professional coach. I am a Mock coach. The Mock Coach and I do things my way.

  • Must have a sense of humor to start (something for me to work with)
  • Must be willing to not eat so fucking much.
    We practice CCRAN (Calorie Cycling Restriction Adequate Nutrition)
  • Don’t tell everything you know to people who don’t care
  • Don’t tell everything you know to people who do care. Just don’t tell everything you know.
  • Balance is bunk. (I’ll expand a little with this one since it is so popular) The body has homeostasis. We have shit to do. Nothing happens in the middle when you want to make a change in your world. Your energy goes where your focus does. You can’t FOCUS on more than one thing. Isn’t that the very definition of “focus”? To me to be “balanced” is to be scattered-brain… no focus… everything is in balance and gets your same attention and energy. No thanks. Most things were discovered in the “staying in the basement” scientist and the wife/husband and family upstairs doing their own thing, right? They were never balanced were they. Was Mark Zuckenberg’s life balanced those early years of writing code for Facebook? No. Of course not. So, I teach counter-balance.
  • There are no healthy people; just people healthier than you
  • Have a contrarian opinion… without apology
  • Don’t Exercise to Lose Weight; exercise for any other reason but this one.
  • My exercise, no bulk routine. Especially for mature women with joint issues from years of working on your feet and taking care of kids, grandkids and things at a few homes. (ie: I’m taking care of my home and my elderly father’s home) Now your body is talking to you.
  • Like face to face contact… at some point
  • Start Out How You Want To End Up

If you can agree and even get excited about those opinions above, we are going to have a great time not coaching. Here’s what the desired outcome is you…

  • I’m a story listener and I want to hear your story… BUT I won’t let you go on and on. I have a time limit and I set it for you during your story telling session. Usually at day one. ALSO, since I specialize in getting something funny out of your story, from listening intently to it, I’m sure I’ll hear something that you wouldn’t hear. It’s something that you didn’t see in a certain way before. I help you pull that out and make that a conversational piece instead of your accolades. (It does not have to be hilarious funny, just amusing may work)
  • Thinner thighs (No squats, No lunges, No plyometrics/crossshit, no burpees, nothing with “Russian” in it)
  • Escape from being a slave to food and eating all the time
  • You don’t tell everything you know
  • How to eat what you want without guilt or gain. Really. I do it every day. Other people do it every day too. People just like you… but thinner and not obsessed with food.
  • Make real connections (not just likes and followers)
  • A group may be formed to increase connection with liked minded, interesting individuals
  • Attend upcoming retreat
  • Improve listening skills through listening to other people’s story and/or conversation
  • How to get comfortable with not talking. Not being so reactionary. This will actually get you people’s attention more than talking. Trust me. It’ll be in a quiet, noble way. (Warning: if you were/are the big mouth, and you tell everything you know, you might have to take it in stages with this one. No talk, not so much)
  • Self-expression
  • Self-acceptance
  • Autonomy
  • Stress reduction
  • How to become more interesting (Tip here… become more interested)