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Imposter Syndrome

I had planned to write about the dread feeling of, “How long can I keep this


I wondered if I was the only one who feels that I’ll never be enough.


I keep pretending that I have it all together, but I don’t.


“When will I be ready?”  “When will I be ‘good enough’?”


Then I got an email that was right on with what I was thinking and feeling.  It instantly made me feel better.


According to blog writer and entrepreneur from PAID TO EXIST –


Jonathan Mead answers these feelings of being “exposed” a lot better than I would have.


He says, “you’ll never stop feeling like you’re not qualified enough to help people.”



That’s why many people keep going on to school, {they call it “lifelong learning”, sounds good} but it’s often to validate themselves, but still even then, they will feel like they’re not enough.


Jonathan also says that you should “Stop the hamster wheel of never-ending info hoarding and researching that’s just covering for your fear of putting yourself out there.”


In my opinion, in business, it’s action NOT more schooling that will get you where you want to be.


Want to read more? – Good – I decided to link his blog post here:




It’s a great read and will help you feel better too, I promise!




Joking Fitness Nurse and my Side Hustle

I’m thrilled that about 47 nurses interested in creating side hustles in fitness and wellness have signed up for my:


“5 Steps for Former Nurses to Turn YOUR Fitness Fads into Recurring Cash!” Teleseminar


CLICK HERE if you want to sign up for April 30th.  I’m looking for only 20  “hungry” nurses who want to create their fitness side hustle sooner rather than later!


The side hustle (soon to be my main hustle) that I have created revolves around my USP project, a guide and comedy presentation called,

“Over 50 is NOT a Drag! How to Stop Stuffing 10 Lbs. in a 5 Lb. Bag!”


The first step was determining where there was a buzz and what problem is out there that I could solve AND deliver a delightful experience in the process.

For me, I’m more about delivering delightful experiences than solving problems.

But the public has problems that they want solved.

So I asked around and did some surveys and found that many women wanted a smaller butt, but also some women wanted a bigger, shapelier, firmer butt.


I really miss doing my stand-up so I decided to promote this exercise program through a one-woman comedy act.  I plan to “give away” the workout guide to the audience.

Here’s how I get my audience:

  • I define my market – Fitness club owners, marketing departments of health clubs, evening conferences and private events – the workout in my guide was written for (women over 50 who just want to ‘zip their pants’, look and feel better and will “settle for” 2-pack abs).
  • The gym/fitness center owners, studios and spas are easy to locate and they are interested (ALWAYS) in increasing sales and exposure. They VALUE promotion and are OPEN to try new things.  I’ve already got responses from 2 gyms and 2 studios (yoga and personal trainer)
  • Give myself a hooky title:  Minky, The Joking Fitness Nurse and promote it in all of my marketing.
  • I promote my ‘FAD’ (NOT Your Mother’s Booty workout) in a guide that delivers a Short Term Win (STW) for those who try it (Women over 50).  Within the guide I put information in it that helps promote gyms, fitness center equipment and group classes, so my target market (those who hire me to put on my comedy act), will get exposure and increased buzz and hopefully leads & sales for their business.
  • I may offer my nursing services (blood pressure and blood sugar screening and will assist in the promotion and marketing of the event)
  • I polarize. My act is only for adults and it’s straight up, stand-up comedy.   I’m not a “humorist” and I am NOT politically correct.  Which is why people enjoy comedians.  If I “water down” my messages in my act to “please” everybody, there is no distinction, no impact.  And I only market to “former or want-to-be former nurses” like I used to.  So, if you are a nurse and really into fitness, you’ll find me and you will sign up for help creating your ‘FAD’ when you’re ready.

I hope this post gives you some ideas of what creating your own ‘FAD’ in a guide or program can do for you.  There is a simple side hustle you can create from a product or guide.

You need a product to use in your marketing that defines YOU and what you want to do.  The product does not have to be a “NIKE” production.  Change a life in your backyard with your idea, then repeat.


Besides it’s fun to create while your introducing your idea to YOUR targeted audience.  Someone may have already written up a fitness program close to what you want to do. But that’s fitness, you just have to put your twist on it and show how yours is different, easier, faster and gets results.

I hope to “see you” on the 30th of April!


Nothing Wrong with a Side Hustle

Are you a Hustler?

Yeah.  Me too.




Isn’t this pic cute.  (PangPang’s jealous) The message is great too…






Nothing wrong with a “side hustle”


When I hear nurses talk about how they want to get out of the hospital or out of nursing period, I ask, “What’s your plan?”


“I plan to quit this job I hate and start working in more health-improving, prevention stuff.”

“What do you mean, ‘stuff’?”

“You know like what you do.”

I immediately say, “Don’t quit your job for that.”

Quit your job because for almost any other reason except that.  I ask again, “What’s your plan?”

I hope to make money.  Just ask yourself, “What do I need to do to make money? What skills do I have or can easily learn?”


Well, there’s the world’s oldest profession, but I have a bad back and a “trick knee”, I don’t know about you…


If you want to do what I do, you’ll need an income coming in, while you develop your freelance project and selling skills.  You need to create what I call a “side hustle”.


A “side hustle” is getting paid anyway you can.  Well, that’s how I see it.


Your freelance project can actually start out as a “side hustle” too.


The blog, Broke Girl Rich has examples and a great post here – 114 Side Hustles… http://brokegirlrich.com/?p=628


Is there anyway you can cut your hours from the job you hate (you know your main gig) or bunch time off so you can get shit done towards your side hustle/freelance project?


Qualifications for a “side hustle”

  • Work you can tolerate
  • Work that you are highly trained in or skilled at or can easily learn to do
  • Work that you can control the schedule
  • Work that serves as cash flow when needed
  • Work that has flexible hours

Preferably your side hustle should be in the area of fitness and wellness, so you can get “experience” in how those markets do things.


Your current nursing job or a part-time nursing job, may fit the above qualifications and be able to be your “side hustle” as you work on your freelance project.  There’s lots of ways to do this.


This may sound like a lot… but really it’s what most nurses do who call themselves “nurse entrepreneurs”.  If you want to call yourself an nurse entrepreneur, that’s fine.  I used to. I don’t any more.  After looking at Shark Tank, I realized I’m not doing what those people are.  And I’m not proposing you become one either.  Have you ever heard of an engineer entrepreneur or a social worker entrepreneur or chef entrepreneur?


If you do, just entrepreneur would be fine with me.

What you call yourself is totally up to you.  I just, personally, felt an “incongruency” calling myself a “nurse entrepreneur” knowing that I create my own job and I need to be there for it to function.  Most entrepreneurs build their vision with systems and have other people “run” them.  They don’t have to be there.  Nice, I know.


I feel that if you have an entrepreneurial spirit and you will take risks on solving that problem, you’re an independent person first, who may happen to be a nurse.


Being a nurse is part of who you are; be proud, of course.  However, some of the ingrained thinking (brainwashing) that nursing collectively taught you, like to keep getting degrees and certifications (a kind of “keeping up with the Jones” in nursing) to get “on top” of your career – is what I want you to put on the back burner, to get paid with your “side hustle”.


In my opinion, the very things that are valued in nursing are contradictory to making money in business. Nurses went into nursing for “security and benefits”.  Many nurses say they went into nursing because it was “a calling”, so they are not in it to make money.  (we all know that’s never why, the big bucks?). Many nurses are emotional and make decisions based on criteria that would never be used when it comes to making money.


I think this is why I was never really liked among my co-workers.  I was more “masculine” in my decisions and how I “dealt” with others.  I didn’t care if I was liked or invited to their bridal/baby showers. I often ate by myself. I didn’t play well. I was strong and fast on the units.  I was often called a “rate breaker”. Sometimes I was funny, but often sarcastic.


I have softened over the years.  You get more bees with honey than vinegar, right?


BUT, let me say this – Getting a tough patient to stand up or take their medicine is not the same as getting someone, an ideal prospective client, you recently met, to buy a $500 health coaching program from you or to “opt-in” and buy off the internet, your 2 payments of $29.95 exercise and diet series.  You learn selling YOUR products (not other people’s products) from practicing it period.


Actually selling can become a “side hustle” while you learn this new, invaluable skill. Before I became a nurse and during the whole time I worked as a nurse in a traditional, clinical setting, I sold numerous things for extra cash.  Like for example – $3,000-$5,000 singles memberships, this was way before Match.com. Gym memberships, lawn care, art work, Diet center memberships, phone sales at a millenary, a newspaper and a chiropractor’s office, varied prices for products and services. (and of course my own “stuff”, which, I found out early, was a lot harder to sell than someone else’s stuff)


Why is it harder to sell your “stuff” than someone else’s?  Click Here and find out from this upcoming webinar, “Five (5) Steps for Fitness Nurses to Turn YOUR Fitness ‘FAD’ Into Recurring Cash!”


I want you to start by freeing up some time from a “full-time” or even overtime job and then utilizing that freed up time growing your freelance project in fitness (your side hustle).


BEWARE! Sometimes you can’t tell others about this freed up time.  Because you know what people do.  As soon as they hear your “off”, they start to fill in your hours with their “stuff”.


You may need to continue to leave the house as if you were “going to work”, but go to the library or café or somewhere you can work on building your freelance project.


If you got rid of day care one day a week (if possible and costs less) make sure you have some sort of contraption that keeps your little one busy for at least an hour at a time.


I used to have a “jumper” for my son…


Boing, boing, boing!… He used to go on for hours… then he’d fall asleep in it.

If you have more than one kid… sorry, I don’t have any tips.


Do whatever you have to do to block time.  Or, you’re not serious… not yet anyway.


Until you do something that feels different; you’re not doing anything different.  You should know this from fitness…


“If you feel that you are not doing anything while you’re exercising… then you’re probably not doing anything to change your health nor your physique.”


Right now, I am writing another diet and exercise program for 5 women. It’s one program for 5 of them. It varies with their level of fitness.  These women look forward to my new programs and can’t wait to try them.


You can do this also.  You don’t need a lot of people.  Once you find the particulars of who you want to help and what transformation you will provide, you can “package” that transformation and sell it!


BOOM!  You then have a “side hustle”.


While you’re thinking about creating a side hustle, why not sign up for an informative and entertaining webinar that will validate why you, yes YOU, a nurse passionate about fitness and wellness, is the best candidate to promote fitness fads to a targeted audience.  Sign Up Here!!!  Get on MINKY’S List! You know you want to. Do it NOW!